Pigmentation Treatment in Dubai

Pigmentation TraetmentPigmentation on the skin can be a source of stress for many causing feelings of gloom. Dark patches appearing on the skin can be hindering the beauty of any face. Pigmentation can occur as a birthmark or because of aging in the form of freckles and blemishes. Almost everyone wants to have skin that is clear, smooth, spot-free and even toned.

Many laser treatments are offered that fade the effects of pigmentation such as skin lighteners, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and other exfoliating treatments- however not all patients respond to these treatments and require a more serious treatment.

If you are one of those then pigmentation treatments in Dubai with laser may be the best option for you. Some frequently asked questions about this treatment are the following:

Does Pigmentation treatment have any down time?

Yes, after laser pigmentation treatments in Dubai it is normal to experience slight redness up to 24 hours after which there may be crusting, which is a flat brown colored mark on the treated area. It will take about a week to fade away.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments you need depends on the type and depth of the pigment. Most people will notice a reduction in the color up to fifty percent right after the first treatment. Most people need two to three pigmentation treatments to achieve desired results. However, your doctor would best decide based on your personal situation.

Will there be any scarring?

No. there will not be any scarring, as the laser pigmentation treatments in Dubai cannot cause permanent scarring, as it does not injure the top layer of the skin. Any pigmentation of burns during treatment would subside with time.

What kind of aftercare is required after treatment?

The doctor would probably prescribe a sea buckthorn serum for you to apply morning and night on the treated area for 2 weeks to ensure rapid and maximum healing. Once the pigmentation is removed, the patient would be highly recommended to keep their skin protected by using an SPF 30 sunblock. Aftercare would be important, so the new pigment does not occur.

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