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Welcome to Dubai Laser Centre

At Dubai Laser Treatment Clinic, our aim is to ensure that all of our esteemed clients receive the finest treatments that are available in the Gulf Region. We ensure that a comprehensive range of laser treatments are available to deal with any kind of skin condition.

Laser treatments without a figment of doubt have revolutionized the way cosmetic treatments are done in this day and age. Some call it a magic wand and it is certainly not an exaggeration. It offers a solution to just about any problem one may be facing. In years gone by, the effectiveness of the more traditional treatments was not nearly as effective as that offered by laser procedures.

Laser hair removal is one of our most sought after service since it is highly effective in getting rid of the unwanted body hair.  Live acne treatment with the help of lasers as well as medications is also among the most demanded Laser Treatments in Dubai.

Laser beams can also be used for correcting acne scars, a most common side effect of hormonal as well as adult acne. It is a highly effective method for scar removal and works as well as any surgical option for the same purpose without the long downtime or the risks.

If you are looking for tattoo removal, we offer the state of the art and highly effective laser tattoo removal treatments. Here at Dubai Laser Treatment we also use laser and skincare procedures for treating pigmentation problems and other textural irregularities like stretch marks and cellulites.

Our highly qualified and experienced laser experts are using the state of the art laser technologies to help people get exactly what they want. With several years of experience in non-invasive cosmetic procedures, our doctors are rated among the leading Dermatologist in Dubai.

Along with laser treatments, we also offer the finest nonsurgical treatments options for various skin issues. These procedures are highly effective in bring the desired results. If you are interested in any non-invasive cosmetic procedure, contact us now and let our laser experts help you achieve your cosmetic goals in no time.

“What a great form of healing they offer to everybody”

“The results were really amazing. Now my skin is lovely” — Rahat – Abu Dhabi

“I am excited to have found such a professional and clean clinic” — Janette

“I would highly recommend the Laser treatment ” — Janice Fallon

“Thank you Laser Specialist and the lovely ladies at the reception I feel fantastic” — Dianna, New Zealand

“The results of the treatment are more than satisfying” — Velina Todorova Mileva

“After 1 year, I`m feeling very happy and confident” — Simone Carvalho