Rosacea Treatment

rosacea treatment

You might have heard about rosacea word for the first time but it is a common skin condition. Many people around us face this skin condition but most of those people are unaware of it. It is characterized by the redness and flushing of the skin. A severe form of rosacea can lead to acne breakout and bumps on the skin. Such kind of rosacea is known as acne rosacea. Forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, eyes and nose can be affected by this skin ailment. There are many treatments to cure rosacea but the most advised treatment that delivers good results is laser treatment for rosacea.


How to remove Rosacea?

There are different treatments for rosacea skin condition but the laser treatment to cure rosacea is considered the best. It is due to the reason that this treatment is non-invasive and does not require cutting and stitching of the skin. If you have one of the following skin conditions, you can take laser treatment for rosacea.

  • Flushing, redness and rash on the skin
  • Acne-like pustules, papules, and patches
  • Swelling and discomfort due to rosacea


Types of Rosacea:

The following are different types of rosacea;

  • Eye Irritation: In this kind of rosacea, a person experiences watering, burning, stinging, and irritation.
  • Facial Redness: As its name suggests, the condition is characterized by the redness or flushing on the face.
  • Bumps and Pimples: Bumps and pimples appear in this type of rosacea.
  • Enlargement of Nose: It is also known as rhinophyra. In this type, enlargement of nose occurs due to excessive tissues.


What are the Results?

The laser treatment for rosacea delivers the best results. The treatment is short and takes a short time to complete. The treatment has always been found effective in getting rid of this rosacea skin condition.


What are the Risks?

There are virtually no risks involved in the treatment. The person who takes this treatment may experience slight swelling and redness in the treated area. Tenderness, crusting, or even bruising can take place if treatment is not done properly or if no proper pre-op and post-op care is taken.


Cost of Rosacea Treatment

Different clinics charge a different fee for rosacea treatment. The cost of rosacea treatment in Dubai varies from person to person. The cost of the treatment is not fixed because different persons face a different intensity of the problem. If you want to know the exact cost of the treatment in your case, please have our doctor check it.


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