Freckles and Blemishes Removal Treatment

afcxFreckles and blemishes are famous aging signs that people experience as they join older ages. Some young people also fall victim to this skin condition. If you are one of those people who have aging signs such as freckles & blemishes and want to get rid of this skin condition; let us help you saying goodbye to this problem that always lets you down.


How to Remove Freckles and Blemishes?

Skin resurfacing treatments are designed by doctors to restore the real look of the skin. So we have many anti-aging treatments to get a fresh, bright, and younger skin. Aging signs can be reversed with the help of the following anti-aging treatments;

  • Topical (Creams) Treatment: Aging signs are also reversed through some effective topical products. Different topical creams are used in this regard.
  • Chemical Peels Treatment: Chemical peels are mostly used to resurface the skin. Chemical peels are used to cure a variety of skin conditions. It is minimally invasive and has some side effects. Now, you can have Chemical Peels in Sharjah as well.
  • Intense Pulsed Light Treatment: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment is famous for improving age spots.
  • Laser Treatment: It is considered as the most advanced treatment these days. DEKA Smartxide Fractional CO2 Laser is used at Dubai Laser Skin Treatments to cure this skin condition. If you are looking for the Freckles and Blemishes Treatment in Dubai, we recommend laser skin resurfacing because it is the best option.


Laser treatment for freckles and blemishes

The energy from laser is absorbed by the cells containing highly concentrated pigmentation- not effecting areas of normal tissue. The laser stimulates your body to eliminate the unwanted excessive pigment whilst not effecting normal skin color.

How many treatments are required?

It has been witnessed that about 60 to 80 percent of freckles and blemishes resolve after only a single treatment. Those with darker and denser spots need to be treated more than twice. Moreover, there are certain blemishes that do not disappear completely but fade significantly after treatment.

Is the treatment painful?

Most people report that laser treatment of freckles and blemishes is not particularly painful. The sensation experienced is similar to having a thin rubber band lightly snap on the skin. In the second treatment, the level of discomfort is reduced, as there is less pigment to absorb laser energy. If you have a low threshold for pain then you can ask your doctor to give you an anesthetic cream. Tylenol can be taken to increase you pain threshold somewhat before laser treatment. However, no special preparation is needed, as pain is minimal to none.


What are the Results?

We are sure you are going to love the results. The good results offered by laser freckles and blemishes treatment in Dubai is no secret. You will get a skin free from all aging signs including freckles and blemishes.


What are the Risks?

One of the best things about laser skin resurfacing treatments is that they are non-invasive and deliver no harm to the skin. Ease and safety are at the heart of laser treatments. The treatment takes a short time to complete and you are good to go – you feel no pain and no downtime is involved, from the start till the end.


Cost of Laser Treatment for Freckles and Blemishes

The cost of laser freckles treatment in Abu Dhabi is not fixed because each patient has different nature of the problem. If you are interested in knowing more about this treatment and its cost in your case, please call us today and let us tell you everything about it.


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