Port Wine Stains

laser treatment for port wine stains

Port wine stains are a vascular anomaly consisting of dilated capillaries in the skin that produces reddish to purplish discoloration of the skin. They are called port wine stains, as they resemble port wines. They are part of the family of disorders known as vascular malformations. Port wine stains can appear anywhere on the body but are more commonly present on the face.

In the beginning, they are flat and pink in appearance but the color deepens with age. Over time, the area can thicken and take a protruding appearance. Port wine stains can effectively be removed with laser. This quick and painless procedure gets rid of port wine stains for life. Most commonly asked questions regarding the port wine stains are the following:

When should this treatment begin?

It is best to start the treatment from an early age. It is best preferred during early infancy at intervals of six to eight weeks.

Laser treatment for Port wine stains

This treatment has shown results that re from 75 percent to 100 perfect effective following a series of laser treatment sessions. One study showed that about 90 percent successful results when treatment started in infancy.

What should the patient expect after treatment?

It is normal to experience bruises after each treatment session. Bruising typically lasts for one week. The risks associated with this treatment are minimal and treatable.

Is the use of anesthesia required?

Many people prefer having anesthetics for this treatment. For infants with large port wine stains and lesions close to the eye, general anesthesia could be required but in an outpatient surgery basis. For older patients with a threshold for pain a local anesthesia is sufficient to achieve a comfortable treatment.

Is this procedure safe?

This procedure is 100% safe as it is the only laser approved by FDA for use in children.

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