Regain Natural Glow of Skin with Skin Whitening Treatment

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The skin is the thinnest and outermost layer of the body that is prone to be influenced by the external and internal environmental variables. Even minor change in environment has severe impacts on the skin and that’s the reason why proper care is required to keep the skin in best shape.

External variables such as sun exposure, humidity, geo-location, and pollution can cause the skin to lose its original tone and shape and can cause the formation of pigmentation around the skin area which can be either light or dark in color.

The formation of dark pigmentation is known as hyperpigmentation whereas formation of light pigmentation on the skin surface is known as hypopigmentation.

Hyper-pigmentation and hypo-pigmentation may restrict the patient from wearing a certain type of clothes and makes people self-conscious about their appearance and that’s why Skin Whitening treatment in Dubai is recommended so that patient can regain the natural glow of the skin and along with boosted confidence and personality.


Skin Whitening Treatment

The skin whitening treatments have been around for centuries and have undergone several changes over time. Nowadays the skin whitening is considered as a non-invasive cosmetic procedure and is done by utilizing non-invasive and non-surgical equipment to return the best results to the patient without causing any side effects or any downtime. You can resume the daily routine right after the treatment but small post-procedural care is advised to give you best most Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai. Some of the most common methods used for skin whitening are

  • Chemical Peels: Chemical peels are applied on the skin to cause which allows the dead skin cells to peel away. The new layer of skin comes to the surface and results in a lighter skin tone. The chemical peels are available in different strengths depending upon the extent of skin damage and one particular peel should be selected after proper consultation with the board certified dermatologist.
  • Radio Frequency Treatment: RF treatment allows the patient to get skin whitening for specific parts of the body without causing any pain. The RF treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical in nature and allows the patient to go home right after the treatment. RF treatment for Skin Whitening works by penetrating through the skin surface by getting rid of dead skin cells and boosting collagen production.
  • Laser: Laser is the most common skin whitening treatment available in the market as it allows the patient to get rid of dark complexion and marks in one go. The laser can only be applied by the board certified dermatologist to get lighter complexion within a few sessions.



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