Tips to Reduce Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks are a cosmetic condition that is faced by individuals who have undergone rapid change in shape or size of their body. Stretch marks are in different types and can be found anywhere in the body, there are several associated causes of the stretch marks and stretch marks can be easily removed by using the methods that are available in the Dubai Laser Skin Treatments.

Cosmetic treatments are different types but they all have one common goal i.e. to provide contoured corrected shape of the body to the patient that is better than ever before and one of the treatments to correct the shape of body is stretch marks treatment that is done under supervision of board-certified dermatologists to eliminate the stretch pigmentation that is caused on the body of the patient. The treatments, conditions, and tips to reduce stretch marks are given below.


Stretch Marks

Often called as the pregnancy marks, the stretch marks are a common problem that is seen in the body of the patient after excessive stretching. The stretch marks become visible on the body after the skin is stretched in a way that it disturbs the elasticity of the skin tissues. Stretch marks are caused due to different reasons for example after pregnancy, almost every woman undergoes the stretch marks on the abdomen region and they can be spread on thighs and on breasts as well. Stretch marks can be experienced by people who have recently gain weight and can also be experienced by the people who have lost excessive weight in less time. Body builders can have stretch marks on their shoulders and on thighs due to severe exercises.

Usually, if the stretch in skin is for short period of time, it heals itself and fades away but in the case of long stretching, the body can permanently develop the stretch marks and they require to be removed with the help of cosmetic treatments that are available at Dubai Laser Skin Treatments.



Stretch marks can be treated at home with the help of herbal solutions or specialized stretch marks creams that allow the body to start reproduction of skin cells in order to counter the condition but these methods are slow in nature and take a lot of time to heal the body properly. That’s the reason why non-invasive non-surgical cosmetic treatments are developed by the dermatologists to provide a quick reduction of the stretch marks from the body of the patient.

The most successful tip to reduce stretch marks in Dubai is to undergo the laser treatment as the laser allows the patient to get rid of all the stretch marks from the body within hours and since it’s non-invasive and non-surgical in nature, no downtime is faced by the patient and they can resume the daily routine right after the treatment.



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