Hemangiomas also called strawberry marks are abnormalities of the blood vessels on the skin. The word Hemangiomas comes from three Greek words, “haema” meaning blood, “angeio” meaning vessels and “oma” suggesting tumors- it is easy to decipher that Hemangiomas are tumors containing blood vessels. They are usually acquired by birth but can also be developed in the first weeks of life. Albeit their scary appearance- Hemangiomas are harmless and not painful.

The cause of Hemangiomas is believed to be associated to the hormone estrogen and low oxygen levels in the soft tissues. Some commonly asked questions about Hemangiomas are the following:

At what age can laser treatment for Hemangiomas be performed?

It is best to treat the hemangioma as early as possible to prevent any further growth. They can be removed during early infancy as well as later years of life.

How frequently are laser treatments performed?

For infants hemangiomas are performed with a two to three week interval to avoid re growth between treatments. For adults the time gap could be one month as the hemangioma has stopped growing.

 What kinds of lasers could treat hemangiomas?

–         V beam Perfecta

–         V star laser

–         Neodymium: YAG

Does the treatment hurt?

Generally, the treatment sessions are short and quick and the discomfort experienced is minimal.

What happens after surgery?

It is normal to experience bruising of the hemangioma that can last for a week or longer. Occasionally, there can be some minor crusting as well.

Is anesthesia required?

Anesthesia is usually not required as the size of the hemangioma is small and laser devices emit cooling agents to minimize discomfort. Topical anesthetics can be used in some cases.

Who should perform laser treatment of hemangiomas?

Only certified and qualified cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists can perform laser treatments for hemangiomas, as they possess an understanding of the history of hemangiomas as well as the appropriate use of technology.

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