About Us

Dubai Laser Skin Treatments Clinic is a multispecialty cosmetic surgery facility based in Dubai. Our Laser treatment center started working after the inauguration back in 2005.

Since then it has been providing independent and support services to the various departments of its mother entity.

In order to keep abreast with the fast changing technology, the centre has been continually upgrading itself over the time without fail, allocating loin’s share of its resources and actually
investing the same into machinery acquisitions and staff development.

Currently, ours is one of the best, full-service laser centres in the region that is not only equipped with the state-of-the-art machinery and staffed with a dedicated team of certified practitioners but also recognized for its quality services as well as its long standing by the public in general.

The Dubai Laser Treatment Clinic brings you the latest techniques, most modern hi-tech equipment and the treatments are administered by specialist professionals who are the leaders in their field. These treatments are great for those who are seeking a non-surgical, minimal risk solution to clear, glowing healthier looking skin.

Laser treatment has revolutionized the way we treat and rejuvenate the skin. Every day the latest new laser treatments are being added. Previously the main emphasis was on laser hair removal; however Acne laser treatment is now quite popular. Laser facial rejuvenation is practically a major part of any cosmetic clinic.

At our clinic we have Gentle Max, Diode light sheer laser, Nd-Yag long pulse laser, Nd-Yag Q-switched Laser, Fractional CO2 Laser and we also have IPL. We continue to expand our Laser department with new Lasers and technologies.

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