Large Pores Treatment in Dubai, UAE

Large pores are considered as the biggest problem in the teenagers as it causes severe pain in the face, neck and sometimes on hands too. Large pores are said to be experienced by almost everyone once in their life time and is known as the leading cause of personality disorder among teenagers. Large Pores have been treated differently in different times and nowadays they can be easily treated without any harm or side effects.


What are large pores?

Large pores are basically hair follicles that are enlarged due to excess of oil, sebum and debris. They can be caused due to several reasons but major reasons are considered to be Sun damage, Genetics, Skin elasticity, environment and Age. Large pores are considered as self healing and fade away with time but in severe cases, they can stick to the body forever and won’t go away unless proper treatment is applied.


Reasons for large pores

  • Large pores in Dubai can be formed in any age but age groups of 12-20 and 40 onwards are more likely to suffer from large pores.
  • Environment contributes to large pore formation for example temperature rise can cause body sweating to increase leading to higher probability of large pore formation.
  • Hormonal change and genetics are considered as major reason for large pores as during the puberty, the body undergoes heavy changes leading to tension in skin that causes large pores to be formed due to blockage of sebum and oil in the skin.
  • Large pores formation can be caused by genetics as well.


Treatments for large pores

Over the years, several treatments were discovered for large pores and thanks to the advancements in technology; large pores can be easily treated nowadays. Latest technologies that can be used to treat the large pores are as under

  • Oxygen Facial
  • Laser Treatment
  • Micro-needling treatment
  • Chemical Peels

Oxygen facial:

Oxygen facial treatment allows the patient to get glowing skin in matter of hours. The treatment provides fast effects and even allows the patient to wear makeup right after the treatment. Oxygen facial treatment is considered as reliable treatment and is used by almost all the Hollywood celebrities before going on camera. Several celebrities have the oxygen facial machine at their home and is used frequently as it has no downtime and no side effect is associated to it.

Laser Treatment for Large Pores:

Laser gun is used to get rid of large pores in Dubai and it is considered as the most reliable and fastest way for the treatment. The laser gun is considered ideal as it can be used to target the dead cells and large pore infected cells precisely. The Laser gun penetrates the skin without causing any side effects and neutralizes the infected cell without damaging the surroundings.

Micro-Needling Treatment:

Micro-Needling treatment has been around for several years and it is one of the earliest methods used to treat the skin problems. Micro-needling works by causing tiny micro injuries in the infected area of body to initiate the collagen production and cell regeneration to overcome the large pores problem. Micro-needling treatment can be coupled with several other treatments to boost the effectiveness of the treatment.

Chemical Peels:

Chemical peels are the cosmetic treatment that can be easily applied at home. Chemical peels are considered as the easiest but time taking treatment. The chemical peels work in way that they are applied to the pre-marked treatment area. The formula causes the skin to blister and eventually causes it to peel off. the outer peeled off skin is then regenerated through boosted collagen production to achieve tighter and whiter skin that is free of large pores, acne scars, blemishes and freckles.

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