Lipolysis in Dubai

fat removal dubai lipolysisThe Lipolysis is a procedure that is dedicated to contour the shape of the patient by removing excessive fats from the body in a minimally invasive way. It is a form of Lipolysis treatment that helps the patient to get rid of fat grafts from any part of the body without causing any surgery or causing long downtime.

The Lipolysis is a simple procedure but requires proper consultation and supervision of a board certified skin specialist/dermatologist for treatment.


Skin Specialist for Lipolysis

Lipolysis procedure is a complex procedure because it involves dissolving the fat grafts that are in forms of lipids in the body and it turns the free fatty acids into absorbable glycerol that are then mixed into the stream of the body to be dissolved without causing any problem in the body. The whole procedure requires careful supervision of a qualified dermatologist to help the patient get rid of fat grafts by dissolving them in blood without causing any problem in blood circulation.


Ideal candidate for Lipolysis treatment

Usually, the skin specialist examines the patient and the skin condition first to determine the best technique for fat reduction Dubai but there are several cases in which the patient cannot get the treatment of Lipolysis. The treatment is tailored for the ideal candidates to get them the contoured shape of the body without causing any side effects. The ideal candidate for the Lipolysis treatment is

  • Person of age 21 or above
  • Person looking for elimination of excessive fat deposits
  • Looking for better contour of the body
  • Want to lose fat grafts in different parts of body
  • Want to look younger.


Pre-procedural Steps

If you are the ideal candidate for the treatment, consult the board certified skin specialist/dermatologist at Dubai Laser Treatments to get an appointment, the dermatologist will examine your skin and will determine the best Lipolysis treatment based on your skin and you will be advised care before undergoing the fat reduction Dubai. Some of the generals advises for Lipolysis treatment is

  • Quit smoking, drinking and drugs one week before the procedure
  • Stop taking any extra medication
  • Avoid bad food and try balanced diet
  • The Proper sleeping schedule should be maintained.

The advice may differ based on your body and skin type and is given by the concerned dermatologist to help you get rid of your cosmetic conditions quickly.


Lipolysis Procedure

Lipolysis fat reduction treatment is done by dermatologist and includes the following steps

  • The dermatologist pre-marks the treatment area and applies aesthetics on the sensitive areas to avoid pain during the treatment
  • The Lipolysis procedure is done by injecting chemical cocktail in the pre-marked area that causes the fat grafts to dissolve.
  • The fatty acids dissolve into the bloodstream and are then used for body’s consumption meaning that body fat is dissolved in the body without any problem.
  • After complete examination, the post-procedural care is advised to the patient and then he is allowed to go home.


Post Procedural Care

After the Lipolysis in Dubai, the treated area becomes extremely sensitive and even small exposure to the bad influence of environment can cause devastating effects on the body and might cause severe problems instead of healing the area and that’s the basic reason why post-procedural care is advised by the dermatologist to help the patients heal properly without undergoing any pain or any problem. Some of the most prominent post-procedural care points are

  • Direct sun exposure should and must be avoided at all cost
  • No medication or perfume should be applied on the treated area.
  • No medication should be taken without consent of the dermatologist
  • Proper food plan should be adopted
  • No drugs, smoking or alcohol should be taken.

The recovery time from the fat reduction Dubai is said to be almost one week to ten days and you will start to see the effects of the treatment in about that time. It is advised to avoid heavy exercises during that time period and not to travel much.



There are several ways to get fat removal Dubai but it is advised to seek consultation from the board certified skin specialist to determine the best treatment option. The Lipolysis in Dubai is a newly developed treatment in Dubai that provides great results and has relatively less downtime with increased results. Although multiple treatments might be required to get rid of large fat deposits from the body but it returns contour shape of the body in the end.

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