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ultherapy dubaiWhat is Ultherapy Treatment?

The facial lines and wrinkles are signs of aging. People start getting different facial lines and wrinkles when they get older. Some people also experience facial lines and wrinkles at a young age. There are many factors that can become the reasons for facial lines and wrinkles.

Nowadays, we have some good treatments for aging lines and wrinkles. Ultherapy is one of the famous treatments for aging signs. The treatment is non-invasive and harmless. You are are a good candidate for ultherapy if you;

  • Want to undergo non-surgical neck lift
  • Have sagging facial skin and you want to lift and/or tighten it
  • Have fine lines and wrinkles on the face and you want to eliminate
  • Have fine lines and wrinkles on the chest and you want to get rid them


How does Ultherapy Treatment Work?

Ultherapy is not a complex treatment and its working is very simple. There are five steps involved in total. These five steps are briefly explained below;

Step 1: in the beginning, the treatment area is cleaned with alcohol swabs to make it free of germs.

Step 2: A specially designed gel will be applied to the skin. This gel allows for a clear ultrasound imaging.

Step 3: A handheld device is placed on the skin on the areas where the facial lines and wrinkles are located.

Step 4: Now, the sound energy will convert into heat energy and will provide optimal temperature required for collagen regeneration.

Step 5: Collagen production will be enhanced which will result in a significant tightening of the deeper layers of the skin tissues within 2-3 months.


What are the Results?

As a matter of fact, ultherapy is a good way to get rid of facial lines and wrinkles. One most important point that needs to be clarified is that this treatment does not provide instant results. The life of the results depends on genes, your immune system, and your lifestyle. If the person takes proper care and follows a healthy lifestyle, the results of the treatment can last anywhere between 12 to 15 months. One of the best things is that the patient will be able to resume routine activities right after taking this treatment.


What are the Risks?

There are no major risks involved in ultherapy in Dubai. The treatment is totally risk-free and there are no side effects involved. The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis and the patient can leave the clinic after the procedure is complete. The person also does not experience any pain during the treatment. The person can expect a mild burning sensation in treated areas after the procedure. The person will have to take care of the treated areas in the aftermath of ultherapy procedure.


Cost of Ultherapy in Dubai

The cost of ultherapy in Dubai is not fixed because the cost depends on the nature of the problem facing the person. On the other hand, different clinic charges a different rate. If you want to know the exact cost of ultherapy in Dubai, please visit your doctor. We are one of the leading skin care clinics in Dubai. Contact Dubai Laser Treatments Clinic if you want to know more.


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