Best Dermapen Treatment in Dubai

dermapen treatmentCosmetic treatments nowadays have become a necessity as they allow the person to get their original look back which they have lost due to the hustle bustle of their life. Almost all the cosmetic treatments in use today are considered ideal but there are several treatments that return most promising results and have been used by dermatologist/cosmetologists for long period of time. One of the treatment is Dermapen treatment and it nowadays is considered as the most prominent treatment that can be done on almost every part of the body without losing its results.


What is Dermapen Treatment

Dermapen treatment in Dubai is considered as the most powerful treatment that allows the patient to get rid of cosmetic problems including Acne scars, large pores, spider veins, birthmarks, Melasma and other problems. The Dermapen is also known as micro-needling treatment as it utilizes the micro-needles of Dermapen to create micro-injuries in the body that initiate the cell regeneration and collagen production after neutralizing the infected cells and the treatment area. The treatment has relatively less downtime and the patient is allowed to go home right after the treatment but procedure care is advised to avoid the side effects.


Dermapen Treatment Procedure

Dermapen treatment procedure is done under the supervision of certified dermatologist/cosmetologist and the procedure requires great care as skin sensitivity can cause several reactions in the body. Skin Specialist first examines the body and chooses the best suited Dermapen setting according to your skin and then the treatment area is marked before applying general aesthetics that are applied right after cleaning the skin surface. Dermapen treatment is done by applying the Dermapen on the surface of the infected treatment area and the pen causes micro-injuries in the body that leads to the demise of the infected area and it also initiates the cell regeneration and boosted collagen production. The treatment time is about an hour and patient of Dermapen treatment in Dubai is allowed to go home right after the treatment. Post-operational care is advised by the dermatologist to prevent long or short term side effects.


What is Post-Op Care?

Post-operational care is that care which is advised after every operation or every procedure to allow successful healing of the patient whilst preventing long and short term side effects.


Post-Op Care of Dermapen Treatment

Dermapen treatment is noninvasive, nonsurgical in nature but the treatment requires small post op care so that the patients can easily recover after the treatment. The post op care is advised by the dermatologist to avoid possible side effects. Some of the care is as under

  • Avoid exposure from the sunlight
  • Avoid applying makeup for at least a week
  • For a week, avoid every kind of drugs, alcohol, and smoking.
  • Avoid blood thinning medicines
  • Avoid applying any other treatment or machines for one week



Dermapen treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah allows the patient to get rid of every kind of skin problem and if you want more information or a free consultation, contact us by filling the form below.

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