Radio Frequency Treatment for Acne Scars in Dubai

radio frequency acne scar treatment

Acne and Large pores are considered as one of the most disturbing cosmetic problems for the treatment whereas the Acne Scars are considered as the biggest problem for the youth and adults alike. Basically, Acne scars are experienced by almost everyone but when acne diminishes and scars are formed, it becomes the biggest cosmetic problem.

The acne scars are the hardest to remove as they are infected with bacteria and cause several problems in the body. However there are several cosmetic treatments that are available nowadays that allow the patient to get rid of acne scars without any pain.


Treatments for Acne Scar Removal

The numbers of treatment methods are available but dermatologist chooses the best suiting treatment method to provide the best treatment to the user. Success of treatment differs from procedure to procedure and from skin sensitivity to skin color and even type. The treatment methods that are available at Dubai Laser Skin Treatments are as under:


  • Radio Frequency treatment

For Acne scars, radio frequency treatment in Dubai is the common most and the most important cosmetic treatment available. RF treatment has been around for quite some time and it has been successful in both health related and cosmetic related procedures.

Radio Frequency treatment for acne scars is done by passing the high frequency radio waves on the treatment area is the marked by the dermatologist during the examination. The radio waves destroy the infected cells that are causing the acne scars and treat the skin by initiating the collagen production. The Radio Frequency for acne scars in Dubai shows proper results in four days and you will get tighter and whiter skin without any problem.

  • Chemical peels

The peels are the most important and the most popular cosmetic treatment available. Chemical peels in Dubai are considered as the easiest but the slowest cosmetic treatment available for acne scars. The treatment works in way that the chemical peels formula is applied to the marked treatment area.

The formula causes the skin to blister and eventually peel off. It initiates the collagen production and cell regeneration and as the result you get whole new skin which is free of cosmetic problems and has less scars. There is variety of chemical peels available and their selection depends on the skin type and type of acne scars you are dealing with.


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There are several other treatments that are available at Dubai Laser Skin Treatments for acne scars removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and they allow the body to be healed without any surgical insertion in the body. You can consult our qualified dermatologist to know the best suiting treatment for your skin type.

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