5 Foods That Can Make Acne Worse

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Acne is the most horrible cosmetic situation till date; it’s a well known fact that acne is leading cause of confidence issues between the teenagers all around the world. Acne is said to be formed as the result of bacterial influence in the large pores that worsens the situation. Acne and acne scars are known to get permanent and will stay on body for lifetime.

Causes of Acne

Study reveals that acne/large pores are faced by almost every living being atleast once in their lifetime and go away with time but in some cases the acne scars stay on the body for life time causing severe confidence and personality issues.  Acne was hard to deal with in the ancient times and the problem was hard to deal with due to its complexity. Since the acne starts from home, we have listed down home based care and 5 foods that can make acne worse.

1.     Dairy products

Milk and dairy products are not good for complexion and study reveals that dairy products trigger the hormones that cause acne and skin related problems. It is recommended for acne patients to take almond milk, coconut milk or hemp milk instead of cow’s milk.

2.     Sugar

Sugar and sugar based products cause the body to initiate the acne breakouts. Sugar is considered as pro-inflammatory and since the acne is inflammatory condition, it triggers the situation. Proper care is recommended in case of acne and sugar alternatives such as raw honey, maple syrup are advised instead of sugar.

3.     Coffee

Caffeine intake is considered as one of the key components in triggering of acne breakout. It contains the organic acid that is responsible for rise in cortisol level. Tea can be a great alternative for the coffee if you are suffering from acne and want the breakouts to stop.

4.     Excessive fats

Decreasing your excessive fats diet can slow down the acne breakout. Excessive fats are transferred to our body from the oils, meat and eggs. It is highly recommended to use less vegetable oil and switch to fish meat and oils if you are suffering from acne.

5.     Junk/fast food

Fast food and junk food are considered for health problems already and recent studies have shown that acne breakout can be caused by excessive intake of fast/junk food. Hormone fluctuations, blood sugar level, childhood asthma and related diseases are known to be triggered by excess of junk/fast food among the acne breakout and pimple/skin rash problem.


If you are trying to avoid the acne breakout then it is highly recommended to switch to proper healthy fresh diet because most of the products available in market contribute to acne and related diseases. If you are looking for permanent acne treatment in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi, fill our form below to get free consultation from the qualified dermatologist/cosmetologist.

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