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The term “cellulite” was first coined in 1973 and identified the dimpled skin-orange peel like that especially women notice on their hips, thighs and buttocks after the age of 18. The cellulite appears on 80-90 percent of women and even on slim and youthful women. The medical term for cellulite is edematous-fibrosclerotic paniculopathy. Cellulite develops in the subcutaneous or superficial layer of the skin, where fat cells are held together by bands of connective tissue called septae. With water retention the fat cells expand and stretch the septae the circulation of body fluids (lymph) is poor, waste materials accumulate and slowly thicken, becoming hard pockets of immovable fat and creating the lumpy-bumpy appearance of the cellulite.

The cellulite is caused by:
– Lack of proper circulation
– Lack of exercise
– Hormonal changes (pregnancy, menstruation)
– Inadequate water intake and improper diet
– Food additives, chemical preservatives
– Decrease of metabolic rate
– Ageing (weakening of collagen fibers)
– Genetic predeterminated

Cellulite treatment varies person to person and it can be difficult to get rid off completely. The is no magical treatment for cellulite but by:
exercising to increase the integrity of connective tissue and stimulate the circulation of the affected area, a healthy diet, adequate water intake, restriction to salt, chemical additives and spicy food, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, can be kept under control. Moreover there are effective topical anti-cellulite lotion, but are temporary and requires constant application, body wraps mesotherapy, endermologie, electronic muscle stimulation and the ultimate breakthrough-gene therapy-which works by replacing the gene responsible for cellulite found on the “X” chromosome. All said and done, a good balanced fat free diet, drinking plenty of water, eating fiber and wholegrain foods, avoid smoking and unnecessary medication coupled with 30 minutes of exercise everyday are methods to fight cellulite.

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