Curing Multiple Hemangiomas in Babies

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It is a collection of blood vessels underneath the skin. There is no rule about its shape. Mean to say, it can take any shape. Some of them are very small, whereas, some of them are very large. Some are called ‘strawberry patches’ due to the color and texture of the strawberry. A significant percentage of babies around the world are born with this condition.


What Causes Hemangiomas?

Curing birthmarks or hemangiomas in babies of age less than 12 moths is relatively easy. So what to do if a child has multiple hemangiomas? Hemangioma Dubai can be treated with the help of Hemangiomas Treatment in Dubai. Hemangiomas is no longer impossible to cure. If you do not know what the causes of hemangiomas are, see the list below;

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Genetics and hereditary traits
  • Overgrowth of a special type of cells

If your child suffers from multiple hemangiomas or birthmarks, you need not worry anymore. Let us help your child get through this bad looking skin condition with our most effective treatment. Laser treatment for Hemangiomas is a good option.


How to Deal with it?

What should you do? It hemangioma is not bleeding, you need not worry. If it bleeds, you might need to take an action. You can check the bleeding by pressing it gently with a piece of cloth. When do I need to involve my doctor? It is always good to show it to your doctor to have a better understanding of the problem your child faces. Do involve your doctor it bleeds. What tests need to be done? Hemangiomas can also grow under the skin.

That is why some tests, such as CT scan or MRI, can be done to unearth a hidden problem. What are the treatments? Hemangiomas that bleed excessively need to be either treated with medication or removed. What are the possible complications? It can grow to become large-sized hemangiomas.

When it grows substantially, the skin above it can split open causing ulceration. In this case, the area will bleed again and again. It can affect the normal operations of the body is it is located in a sensitive area. Hemangiomas in Dubai is offered at advanced clinics and it is threatened by experts.


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