Dermapen with PRP treatment for Skin


Dermapen is a very successful name for treatment device that allows the patient to get rid of Sagging Skin, bad scars, wrinkles, fine lines and freckles. Several other cosmetic problems can also be treated with this device. The Dermapen is basically a device that is used to perform the micro needling treatment procedure. Dermapen can be used with PRP treatment to heal the micro-injuries quickly and it allows the patient to get better and long lasting results. The details about Dermapen with PRP treatment in Dubai are given below:



Dermapen in Dubai works in way that it has several needles attached to it that are synthetic in nature and will create tiny injuries in the infected area. There are two types of needles available in the dermapen, both can be used according to the cosmetic problem of the patient. It is important to contact the qualified dermatologist before choosing the needle type as choosing the wrong needle type of depth of the needle can create long term side effects and may lead to deformities and may cause delay in healing process.

Dermapen device is used for micro needling treatment and it allows the patient to get rid of all the cosmetic issues in the infected area by creating micro-injuries with the help of needles of dermapen. The injury causes a boost in collagen production along with boosted cell regeneration that leads to healing of infected area of the body in a natural way.



Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a health practice that is done in order to boost the healing process of injuries. PRP therapy can be added with Micro-needling treatment to get better results and clearer skin. Dermapen with PRP therapy boost the collagen production and heals the human body ten times faster than the traditional method. Not only this, PRP therapy uses the body’s own white blood cells and plasma so that there’s no chance of any side effects or any complications. PRP therapy is added in Dermapen treatment in following way

  • Dermatologist examines your skin for the most appropriate needle size for your cosmetic problem
  • Aesthetics are applied to the treatment area to minimize the pain felt during the treatment.
  • Dermatologist performs the PRP therapy by taking blood from your body and separating White bloods cells from it
  • Dermapen is applied to the infected area in order to create micro injuries
  • Following micro-injuries, the processed Plasma from your blood is placed on micro-injures
  • The PRP therapy allows the micro injuries to heal faster and better.
  • You will be allowed to go home the same day
  • Within a week, you will get new outer layer of the skin that is free of cosmetic issues.
  • Small procedural care is advised to avoid the complications of the treatment


Procedural Care

After the treatment, you will be examined by the dermatologist to confirm the PRP therapy and dermapen treatment. You will be allowed to go home after some hours of the treatment but it is generally advised by dermatologist to keep the following care

  • Avoid direct sun exposure on treated area
  • Avoid drugs, smoking and drinking a week before and week after the treatment
  • Avoid applying makeup on the treated surface
  • You may feel minor swelling and itching on the treated area but it’ll go after thirty six hours.



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