Effective Ways to Stop Excessive Sweating

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Excessive sweating can be called as a curse because it makes everyone stay away from your presence. It is caused by activity in sweat glands of the body that ends in excessive secretion and bad odor. This condition is known as Hyperhidrosis and it is common between the residents/citizens of hot areas like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

There are several factors that can cause the Hyperhidrosis condition some of them are given below


Hyperhidrosis Causes

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that can be caused by several factors, it is said that anxiety is one of the most common triggers for the sweating problem and in some cases it can lead to severe permanent sweating. Other known causes for the excessive sweating are as under

  • Excess of drugs and alcohol
  • Diabetes
  • Heart condition
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Genetic problem
  • Hormonal change
  • Respiratory problem
  • Medical infections.


Ways to Stop Excessive Sweating

A number of the treatments are available for the excessive sweating problem and some of them are temporary in nature whereas alternative treatments are clinical in nature, both kinds of treatment allow you to get rid of Hyperhidrosis for long period.



It is form of non surgical sensible treatment that seals the sweat glands with the assistance of electronic pulses. The affected space is unfit within the water so the special machine is employed to send the electronic pulses that seal/destroy the sweat glands to cure the sudation condition.


Botox injections

Botox injections area unit qualified treatment for sudation and supply twelve months of sweat free life. Botox injections don’t seem to be counseled for treatment of face and hands as they may destroy the muscle cells, for such places optical maser sudation Treatment in national capital is suggested. Botox injections add manner that they’re directly applied to the affected space. The period of time of treatment is gentle contagion for one day so it turns back to traditional.


Laser treatment for Hyperhidrosis

It is the quickest and most advanced treatment famous for the excessive sweating. The results of the treatment area unit long lasting and take away the sweating downside up-to seventy fifth. it’s non invasive and non surgical operation and permits the patient to travel back to daily routine when the treatment. Optical maser sudation treatment in urban center works in manner that answer is applied to the affected space to pinpoint the sweating glands so optical maser gun is applied to the affected space of the body and optical maser is employed to destroy the excessive sweating glands. The optical maser sudation treatment in national capital provides precise results and saves the muscle tissues and skin tissues from harm.



You can get rid of Hyperhidrosis by undertaking the above mentioned ways to stop excessive sweating. Natural, Herbal treatments are considered best but laser and other treatments offer permanent solution for the excessive sweating problem.


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