Laser for Scar Revision


From cradle to grave, there are two things that are permanent, one is aging process and other is scarring. Due to lack of education and health facilities, scars in ancient cultures were taken as prominent tattoos and were hailed as signs but since 18th century, several medicines have been discovered that provide good cure from the scars. Basically scars are formed as a replacement to the normal skin after injury; scars are made up of fibrous tissues and are natural attempt of body to heal it. There are several types of scars that can be formed due to different type of injuries. Some scars can fade away on their own after two to three years of the injury but mostly they stay forever.


Scar Types

There are several types of scars based on their formation and working procedure. Some of them are as under

  • Hypertrophic: These scars are formed due to overproduction of collagen and it leads to rise of skin slightly but visibly above the surface of the skin
  • Keloid Scars: These are product of overproduction of collagen but Keloid scars can continue expanding.
  • Atrophic scars: these scars are formed in shape of sunken recess and can be called as opposite of Keloid scars. These scars are caused due to different factors such as spider bites, chicken pox, acne and other diseases.
  • Stretch marks: stretch marks are form of scarring that is caused after putting pressure on body. After Pregnancy stretch marks and surgery based stretch marks are common examples of such scars.


It is technically hard to differentiate between any kind of scars especially the Keloid and hypertrophic scars from one another and qualified dermatologist/cosmetologist is required to examine the scars properly.


 Laser Scar revision Treatment

Scars not only appear bad but also can expand in their size and cause other health related problems. The most common form of scarring that is experienced by the patients is surgery scars that are formed after undergoing the surgery process. Although such post surgical scars stay for lifetime but you can easily get rid of post surgery marks in Dubai with the help of laser scar revision treatment.

At Dubai Laser Skin Treatments clinic, scars are removed with the help of laser machine that works perfectly on every type of light skin. The scar revision treatment Dubai is done in following way

  • Dermatologist / cosmetologist/ Skin Specialist examine the skin for scars and their removal technique.
  • The laser machine is set to required frequency for scar revision
  • Scars are removed by applying laser at pre-marked treatment area.
  • Laser destroys the infected cells and initiates the collagen production.
  • Treated area stays reddish and swollen for over thirty six hours.
  • After healing of reddishness, the scars will be gone forever.

You may require multiple sessions of laser scar revision treatment in Dubai based on type of your scars.



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