Laser Treatment for Spider Veins Removal

spider veins removal

Spider veins is the most problematic and painful pain that occurs due to different reasons in the body. Spider veins are basically deformation that causes the veins on the body to become apparent by swelling. This disease is common among the children and pregnant women. Spider veins are considered as both i.e. health and cosmetic issue as the swollen veins cause great deal of pain due to blockage of blood in the veins. It can lead to serious problems in the body if not treated properly on time.



Swollen veins are caused by disruption in the blood vessels. Mostly the area around the spider veins get itchy and can lead to numbness in the area for longer period of time. Spider veins are mostly classified as hormonal issue and they are common between newborn children, pregnant women and kids undergoing puberty. The change in hormones causes disruption in blood veins and causes the blood to stop and be collected in some parts of the body that leads to swelling and pain in the area. Mostly the spider veins are caused in the legs but they can be formed in different parts of body. Some of the major reasons of spider veins are as under

  • Heredity
  • Job that requires a lot of standing
  • Excessive fats
  • Hormones
  • Blood clots
  • Conditions that leads to pressure on the legs



Back in the days, there were not many treatments available for the spider veins treatment as the problem involved the veins and even small bad incision in the treatment area could lead to bleeding and problems in the legs for entire life. Thanks to the advancements in technology and cosmetic surgery procedures; a proper treatment is available for such problem i.e. Laser for spider veins removal.

In Dubai, you can get yourself treated without any side effects and without any incision. The treatment is downtime free and allows the patient to return home right after the treatment. Small post procedural care is required after the Laser for spider vein removal treatment in Dubai and patient can return to health body again. The procedure involves following steps

  • Dermatologist examines the treatment area and pre-marks the area for laser
  • Laser machine is set at suiting frequency and is applied on the treatment area
  • Laser causes the blood clots to be neutralized without causing any damage to the body.
  • The collagen production is also initiated by the laser gun and it causes the skin to be tighter and whiter.
  • Dermatologist examines the results and you are allowed to go home.


Post Procedural care

After you’ve been examined by the dermatologist, you will be allowed to go home but you will have some effects of the treatment that will go away after a week. Following post procedural care is advised to the users after the treatment.

  • Avoidance of sunlight and use of sun creams and sun block equipments
  • Avoidance of alcohol and drugs for one week
  • Avoid soap or even makeup on the treatment area.
  • Treatment area should be kept covered and should not be exposed to external influences at all
  • Treatment area will be swallowed and reddish for over 36 hours but if it stay for home, contact dermatologist.

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