Molt into Smooth Clear Radiance with Chemical Peels

Almost everyone wants to have skin that is perfectly clear, smooth, radiant and tight. However, not all of us are born that way! Some may have a mild skin problem such as dry skin, a pimple here or there or mild discoloration of the face whereas others may be living with a critical problem of severe acne, extreme sagging and wrinkling or prominent color variation. Whatever the case may be you can achieve flawless skin through a wide variety of skin treatments that are available today.

chemical peelsAlthough, genetics play the main role in determining your skin type, external environmental and lifestyle factors also have an effect on the quality of your skin. Smoking, diet, sun exposure and aging can all leave your skin dull, lifeless, spotted and wrinkled.Chemical peels are one novel treatment that renews your skin to look smoother, younger and spot free. It can be used on the face, neck and hands, a fairly simple and quick procedure, which is minimally invasive and yields excellent results.

With that being said, like anything in life- you need to be sure whether this treatment would suit your skin type. It is appropriate to consult a well-trained and cosmetic surgeon to determine which treatment is best for you. A chemical peel is best suited for people with lighter complexion. Those with a dark complexion run the risk of color variation during the healing period.

The function of chemical peels is to irritate the top layers of the skin and stimulate their collagen production thereby improving the tone and texture. There are three types of chemical peels. Varying in levels of intensity, these are:

  • Superficial Chemical Peel

This is the mildest of all peels, which can be done routinely.  It contains the lowest concentration of peeling agents, making it simple. These peels are also referred as “lunchtime peels” because they are quick with little to no downtime. Noticeable results of this peel can be seen after several treatments. What makes this peel so simple is the fact that it only removes the top skin layer (epidermis) through exfoliation, making this treatment ideal for most.

  • Medium Chemical Peel

The peeling agents in this peel are slightly more severe and as a result do more. They are best for people with not very sensitive skin and can be repeated every 6 months, if at all. This peel removes the top as well as the middle layer of the skin (dermis). These may sting a little but cold compresses are provided to numb the pain.

  • Deep Chemical Peel

These peels are ideal for deep wrinkles, scarring and severe acne as they are the most severe. You will see a dramatic difference in your skin. You are given anesthesia for these peels as they penetrate deep into your skin down to the lower dermal. The recovery time is longer.

Many salons, spas and beauty parlors are offering chemical peel treatments however; they are unqualified to perform a treatment of this nature.Hence, a certified physician should be consulted who understands your skin type.


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