Nd Yag Laser Hair Removal in Abu Dhabi

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Nd: YAG is a laser hair removal machine that is hailed as one of the most powerful and result oriented laser hair removal machines available in the market. The Nd: YAG laser is considered more powerful and better than other treatment machines currently available in the market because it is capable of providing sound results on every kind of body surface and it also can be applied on dark skin without causing any blisters or any other kind of side effects. In Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, the laser hair removal treatment is best done at Dubai Laser Skin Treatments Clinic.

As we all know, the hairs are the most prominent part of the body after skin and their wrong placement and their excessiveness can cause devastating effects on the body of the patient. Definition of unwanted hair differs from gender to gender but we all require hair removal in different parts of the body on different occasions. In some parts of the world, the beard is considered as manly trait whereas, in other parts of the world, it is considered as excessive hairs, same is the case with another part of the body where hair growth can be seen. The point is that everyone requires undergoing the unwanted hair removal in any part of their life. There are several hair removal methods that are being practiced nowadays and categorized into two. One is permanent remedies are temporary remedies. We are going to discuss the permanent remedies for hair removal in Abu Dhabi.

Permanent remedies:

Permanent remedies are those treatments that are applied only once to get rid of cosmetic problems. In terms of excessive hair, the laser hair removal treatment is applied that allows the patient to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. The laser application is preferred by dermatologists and cosmetologists because it is noninvasive and nonsurgical in nature and the treatment has no downtime. In initial days, the laser machine was not capable of treating the dark skin as the laser hair removal for dark skin caused problems but with the help of Nd: Yag Laser Hair removal machine, you can get rid of unwanted hair from any part of the body, regardless of your skin color.

Other machines Vs Nd: YAG

Nd-YAG is the advanced form of Laser hair removal in Abu Dhabi and it can treat any surface of the skin without causing any side effects or any downtime. Basic laser machines are incapable of treating the dark skin as it is hard for them to detect and differentiate between dark patches, dark hair, and the dark skin; it increases the risks of causing blisters and problems in the skin and in some cases, the laser hair removal for dark skin becomes impossible with basic laser machines that are why Nd: YAG laser hair removal in Abu Dhabi is used to treat the skins regardless of their color and their tone. Nd: YAG laser can only be applied under the supervision of a qualified dermatologists/cosmetologist and it can cause problems if treatment is applied by an inexperienced cosmetologist. The laser treatment is free of downtime and totally noninvasive and nonsurgical in nature so that it allows the patient to go home right after the treatment without getting any scar after the treatment.


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