Oxygen Facial for Acne

oxygen facial for acne

There are several treatments that result in betterment of cosmetic problems but when it comes to acne, the options are very low. Acne is basically the first hardest cosmetic problem to cure. Acne is caused by bacterial influence in large pores and the treatment differs from patient to patient. Studies show that whenever antibiotics were used to kill the bacteria to neutralize the acne, it resulted in different problem every time. Basically, the acne treatment differs from skin to skin and the correct treatment can only be determined by the qualified dermatologist.


Facts about Acne

Acne is caused by influence of bacteria on large pore. Large pores are caused due to excess of sebum and oil that gets blocked in the pores causing it to enlarge and when enlarged pores are influenced by the bacteria, it is called acne.

Facts about acne are as under

  • Large pores are said to be experienced by everyone at some stage of life
  • It is mostly caused due to blockage of pores that can be caused by sun damage or
  • Change in skin sensitivity can also cause acne
  • Depression is also known as leading cause of large pores
  • Hormonal change and genetics are also known as cause of acne

There are several treatments that can be done to get rid of acne but only few are recommended by the dermatologist after brief examination of your skin. There’s however one non-invasive, non surgical treatment available that allows patient to get rid of acne without causing any scarring and returns 100% results. The treatment is known as oxygen facial for acne and it is nicknamed as celebrity treatment due to its fast effects on overall skin surface.


Oxygen Facial

Oxygen facial is considered as the celebrity favorite treatment because it heals almost all the facial cosmetic problems quickly. Skin can be whitened and tightened with the help of oxygen facial and it is also effective for every kind of scars and even acne.



The oxygen facial was first invented as a chemotherapy machine but later it got popular due to its skin whitening effects. The biggest advantage of Oxygen facial for acne is that not only it eliminates the scars but it allows the skin to appear tightened, whiter and smooth.  It works by following

  • Dermatologist examines the skin for appropriate treatment
  • Marking of treatment area
  • Oxygen facial machine is set to required frequency
  • General aesthetics are applied to the body
  • Treatment is carried out
  • Effects of treatment are seen



Oxygen facial has following effects

  • Instant results
  • Allows you to wear makeup right after the treatment
  • Oxygen facial for acne shows 100% results
  • Better textures and tightened skin
  • Boosted collagen production for better appearance.

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