Quick Facts about Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are considered as type of scars that are formed due to pressure imposed on the skin. The most common example of stretch marks is fine lines that are visible after pregnancy. Stretch marks are caused by rapid growth of body that results in pull of skin leading to formation of the condition. Stretch marks are common among people who are obese and also common among the bodybuilders as well.


Stretch Marks Formation

Stretch marks can be formed anywhere in the body but the most common places for stretch marks are legs, arms, back, abdomen and thighs. Stretch marks initially appear as red or purplish in color due to tension in the blood vessels but later on they can take white or brownish appearance upon fading.


Stretch Marks Occurrence

Stretch marks can occur during pregnancy, due to rapid gain of weight and during puberty period as well. Inheritance and genetics also plays a great role in causing of stretch marks. Wrong medications sometimes can also cause the condition.



There are several things that can be tried to get rid of stretch marks as they appear bad and cause irritation and cosmetic condition in the body. Having stretch marks restricts the patient from outdoor activities and causes confidence and personality related issues.


Quick Facts

Stretch marks are caused due to excessive stress on the skin that causes blood vessels to thin and eventually turn reddish indicating formation of the stretch marks. Stretch marks are categorized in scar because their appearance and formation is related to them. Other quick facts about stretch marks removal in Dubai are as under

  • Stretch marks sometimes fade away naturally but mostly, they are forever.
  • Several creams are available to help get rid of stretch marks but their results are slow in nature
  • Stretch marks can be treated with the help of clinical non-surgical treatments
  • Camouflage is used by many celebrities and athletes to hide their stretch marks
  • Cheapest treatment for removal of stretch marks is application of makeup products
  • Laser non-surgical treatment is considered the best therapy for stretch marks


Laser Stretch Marks Removal Treatment

Like described in Quick facts about stretch marks removal, you can only remove the stretch marks completely via non-surgical clinical treatments. At Dubai laser skin treatments clinic, Stretch marks can be removed with the help of several treatments but the most common procedure in use is Laser therapy. The laser stretch marks removal treatment in Dubai is non invasive, non surgical option for removal of all types of scars and it has fastest results. Laser penetrates the skin and neutralizes the infected cell that leads to collagen production and cell regeneration in a boosted way. This results in healed outer layer of the skin that is free of stretch marks.



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