Reshape your Body with Liposuction

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Personality matters the most in the world and if you are suffering from obesity or excessive fats on your body then your personality is more likely to be ruined. According to a report from WHO, by 2020 almost half the population of the world will be suffering from obesity and the major factors are unhealthy diet plan, disturbed sleeping schedule and lots of junk food, even the environmental variables are contributing to obesity problems and almost all first world countries are suffering from it. The term obesity refers to excessive weight and fat deposits in the body that are undesirable. Fat deposits from the body can be easily removed with the help of cosmetic procedures but the excessive weight cannot be gotten rid of unless proper care is followed.


Remedies for Obesity

There are several activities that contribute to weight gain in the body and they must be avoided in order to achieve proper contouring of the body for long period of time. Clinical procedures for fat loss are available but weight loss can only be done by following the proper care. Over the years, several remedies were developed to get rid of the excessive fats from body, several diet plans, exercises, home treatments and clinical treatments have been developed to control the obesity problem. Some of the treatments have proven to be more efficient than the other treatments. One of the most successful treatment procedures is known as liposuction and it allows the patient to reshape the body by removing excessive fat deposits from parts of the body but even with the liposuction procedure, it is recommended by the dermatologist to avoid activities that contribute to weight gain and encourage fat storage.



Liposuction is considered as treatment procedure that returns fasts results as the fat grafts are directly extracted from the treatment area of the body. It is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the USA and the United Kingdom and it is said that almost 350,000 procedures are performed every year and the number of procedures is increasing rapidly.


What it cures?

The Liposuction procedure aims to provide the contoured shape of the body and it shouldn’t be mistaken for the weight loss treatment. Most of the patients undergoing the liposuction in Dubai are those patients who have stable weight but are looking for the contoured shape of the body and want to achieve better size and shape of their body.


How it’s done?

Liposuction procedure works by applying general aesthetics on the treatment area to numb down any kind of pain that may be felt during or after the treatment procedure. The treatment is done by connecting vacuum tube to injection tube that has been inserted into the treatment area to extract out the excessive fat directly from the body. The treatment takes about an hour but quick results can be seen right after the treatment. Downtime of the treatment depends on the treated area but usually, the patient is allowed to go home overnight but bed rest is advised for over seven days to ensure proper recovery of the candidate.


Post-Procedural Care

Care is advised by the dermatologist after the liposuction procedure to ensure safety from every kind of long and short term side effects. Every Skin has a different kind of care but most common care types are as under;

  • Avoid smoking, drinking or drugs after and before one week of the procedure.
  • Maintain proper diet plan
  • Maintain proper exercises regularly.
  • Drink regular water and green tea
  • Avoid sugar and sugar-based drinks
  • Stick to home foods, no to junk food.



You can reshape your body with liposuction easily but the treatment results can be obtained best by following all the post-procedural care that is advised by the dermatologist. If you are looking for the best liposuction in Dubai then consult the Dubai Laser Skin Treatments Clinic by filling out the form below.

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