Tips for Treating Large Pores

large pores treatment

There are several problems that human beings have faced since dawn of the universe like food, shelter and health, over the years food and shelter problems have been dealt with but health problems are still a major challenge. One of the most common health related problem that affects everyone once in their life is large pores. Large pores have been effecting human life and they are known to affect everyone atleast once in their life. Large pores, their symptoms and tips for treating large pores in Dubai are discussed below.


Large Pores

Large pores are caused by blockage of sweat glands that leads to enlargement of the pores, the blockage is caused by excess of oils, sebum and dirt. People with oily skin tend to have large pores more often and if you live in a dirty area, you are most likely to get large pores. Blockage of pores causes the excessive oil to contain in the sweat gland and it causes the gland to take form of enlarged pore.


Large Pores Symptoms

Enlarged pores are visible on the skin and they cause constant irritation on the surface of the skin. There are other symptoms that include rising on the surface of the skin and oily feel on the skin.


Large Pores Causes

It is common assumption that large pores are experienced only during the puberty but they can be caused by different factors during different stages of life. The most common causes of enlarged pores are as under

  • Genetics
  • Age factor
  • Inheritance
  • Oily skin
  • Exfoliation
  • Unhygienic routine

The enlarged pores are known to heal themselves within six months of impact but some of the disturbed enlarged pores will stay on your body forever. The large pores can lead to acne if not treated properly and acne is considered as the biggest cosmetic problem after the black heads.

We’ve listed down some easy tips to treat large pores.


Tips for treating large pores

Large pores once formed cause a lot of irritation in the body and have clear impact on personality and confidence of the person. Enlarged pores are common and can be minimized easily by taking procedural cares into consideration. Tips for treating large pores are given as under:

  • Don’t touch them at all
  • Wash your head daily and cleanse your skin on daily basis
  • Apply Aloe Vera to reduce large pores
  • Don’t eat oily foods
  • Adopt a proper diet plan
  • Use sun creams and avoid sun exposure

You can use home based products to treat large pores in Dubai but it can cause serious complications if remedies don’t match your skin or body type. For best treatment of large pores in Dubai, Contact your dermatologist/ cosmetologist.



These tips will help you treat large pores easily and swiftly but in any case if your large pores condition goes out of hands, contact the dermatologist/cosmetologist at Dubai Laser Skin Treatment Clinic.

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