Treat Your Skin With Fractional CO2 Treatment


The skin is made up of two layers, the epidermal layer, which is at the top, and the dermis, which is the bottom layer and provides the blood, oxygen, collagen and structure to the skin.

With aging, sun exposure and factors such as smoking the epidermal layer accumulates dead cells and starts looking rough, discolored, wrinkled, loose, pigmented and uneven.

Having damaged skin can induce feelings of poor self-image and discomfort in social or intimate situations. Reduced collagen production leads to an early onset of wrinkling and skin laxity.

Luckily, cosmetic surgeons have devised multiple non-invasive ways to replenish, renew and rejuvenate the skin without the side effects of a surgical facelift.

One such wondrous technology is known as fractional CO2 treatment in Dubai, it is an ablative skin rejuvenation treatment as it removes the top damaged layer of the skin but it is better than conventional laser methods that would wound the entire skin and ending up in slow recovery periods.

The fractional CO2 laser treats the skin in “fractions” so that there is minimal damage and a speedier recovery. It removes the top damaged layers and stimulates collagen production in the skin.

Questions that people frequently ask about this treatment are the following:

What does Fractional CO2 laser treat?

Fractional skin rejuvenation can treat a number of skin conditions including:

  •    Wrinkles and fine lines
  •    Enlarged Pores
  •    Acne scars
  •    Sun damaged skin
  •    Uneven skin tone and texture
  •    Pigmentation
  •    Discoloration
  •    Freckles and sun spots.

This treatment ablates the affected layer to allow a new, smooth, clear and youthful skin to form.

Am I a good candidate for Fractional CO2 treatment?

You are a good candidate for this treatment if you are experiencing any of the above skin conditions and want to renew your skin. Patients of this procedure should have realistic goals in mind regarding the outcome, they should be willing to devote time and effort and be patient to see the results.

How does this treatment work?

Before gliding the laser device onto your treatable area, the doctor applies a topical anesthetic on your skin’s surface so that you are numb to any pain. The doctor then presses the fractional co2 laser in Dubai gently on your skin’s surface. Most people do not feel any pain during the treatment and the procedure takes just one hour for the entire face and even less for a smaller area.

When will I recover from the treatment?

The recovery period for the fractional co2 laser is longer than non-ablative techniques although it produces results that are more visible. It takes about 7 days for patients to resume to daily activities.

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