Ultherapy Vs Facelift Treatment

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Ultherapy is basically a short form of Ultrasound therapy that is done in order to cure the deformities in the skin. The problems associated with the skin can easily be treated by this noninvasive and nonsurgical procedure and it allows the patient to get rid of every kind of cosmetic related problem including freckles, wrinkles, fine lines, surgical scars, birthmarks, spider veins and acne scars. Ultherapy works in a way that the dermatologist/cosmetologist examines the skin for appropriate treatment areas such as the neck, arms, face, chest and brows and then the Ultherapy treatment machine is applied on the body to gain instant facelift.


Facelift vs Ultherapy

The ULtherapy is known as instant facelift procedure as it allows the patient to get anti-aging treatment along with brightening and tightening of the skin on several parts of the body. The traditional facelift procedure allows the patient to get contoured look of their body parts by undergoing the surgical procedure.  The facelift procedure is the incision based procedure and it causes a great deal of discomfort in the patient’s body and requires over a week of downtime to cure the condition properly. Whereas on the other hand the Ultherapy procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical in nature and allows the patient to get rid of aging signs and other cosmetic conditions in just one treatment. After Ultherapy no downtime is required and the patient can resume the daily routine instantly. The Ultherapy also allows quick healing in a natural way and can lead to skin looking 10 years younger.


Ultherapy Procedure

Ultherapy treatment is done under the supervision of a qualified dermatologist/cosmetologist or skin specialist who first examines the skin for the most appropriate treatment and then the treatment is applied under general anesthetics to numb down the pain that is felt by sensitive skins. The Ultherapy machine is introduced to patient’s skin and the ultrasound waves penetrate the skin without causing any damage to the body and they produce enough heating on the surface to neutralize the infected cells of the body and the ultrasound waves initiate the collagen production and cell regeneration at the same time as well. This allows the patient to get rid of every kind of cosmetic related problem in less number of sessions along with brighter and whiter skin. The Ultherapy treatment at Dubai Laser Skin Treatments Clinic is done within 90 minutes and it has no downtime or any side effect. Post procedural care is advised by dermatologists/cosmetologists to avoid long-term side effects. The care includes avoidance from direct exposure to sunlight, avoidance from drugs, alcohol, and smoking; the care also includes following the proper diet plan to boost the results.



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