What Makes Laser a Good Choice for Hair Removal!

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If you think that the only way to get rid of your hairy appearance passes through the pain of threading and waxing then think again! Certainly you are neglecting some of the miraculous treatments that scientific advancements have provided us with. Yes! There are some other methods like laser treatment which present you an easy and least painful procedure to remove your undesired hair.

laser hair removal in dubai

Surgeons performing laser hair removal in Dubai use modern laser devices which carefully direct laser beam to selected area while leaving the surrounding skin intact. It destroys hair follicles which are in their active hair growing phase. Professionals who perform laser treatment are called as dermatologists. Sometimes, some qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons also perform laser hair removal in Dubai.

Why laser hair removal!

Some significant features that make laser hair removal a success are

  • It is an approved method for permanent hair removal which employs that laser reduces density of your unwanted hair permanently.
  • It is less painful, more efficient and less time consuming than the traditional alternatives like threading, waxing, sugaring, shaving etc.
  • It sets you free from your hairiness for a longer period of time.

Dermatologist applies a numbing cream in the area prior to the treatment, sets laser parameters according to your skin, type of hair and area under treatment and starts projecting laser beam which destroys hair follicles. Black coarse hairs are the easiest to destroy while light colored and thin hairs are a challenge for the procedure. People with a combination of light colored skin and dark and coarse hair are the most suitable candidates. However, modern laser devices have also shown some success in the treatment of light colored hair in people with dark skin.

Potential problems and complications

A carefully performed laser treatment is too good to yield any side effects. However, some side effects may arise if an inexperienced professional performs the procedure or if inappropriate parameters are used. Potential side effects of laser treatment are itching, redness and swelling in the treated area. However, these are quite temporary problems and usually subside within two to three days.

Normally, pain is not an issue in a laser procedure because numbing creams are applied prior to the start of the procedure. Treated area is also iced right after the treatment. Some serious complications like hypo- or hyper-pigmentation may also arise if right parameters are not used.

Who wants a hairy appearance! Come and have your laser hair removal in Dubai because surely, it’s your birthright to look smart and beautiful!

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