Laser Hair Removal for Men and women


Having unwanted bodily hair is one of the most frustrating feelings. Especially for women who have to repeatedly go to salons to get waxed and who take hours to shave themselves. Laser hair removal is the best solution for anyone who wants to get rid of unwanted hair forever.

This treatment can be used to treat the face, arms, legs, stomach, pelvic area and underarms. In this procedure laser light is glided deep into the hair follicles that carry hair thereby disabling its ability to grow hair. People are of the belief that this procedure is very painful but that is not true. Patients who have undergone this treatment report that the sensation felt during the procedure is like having a rubber band snap mildly on the surface of the skin.

This technology works by targeting dark pigment- therefore it works best on pale skin with dark coarse hair although some new laser technologies have been devised to treat darker skin tones. Most patients need at least six to eight effective treatments spaced between 9 weeks apart. It takes a long time because each hair on the body is treated individually. The face usually requires treatments that are more frequent whereas the legs and back can be further apart.

Laser hair removal in Dubai is highly requested by people who want to enjoy a relaxed and tension free life as the results of laser hair removal are permanent which is FDA approved. Normal side effects of laser hair removal are itching, redness for up to 3 days, swelling around the follicle for up to 3 days and some numbness. These side effects are temporary and heal within 5-6 days after which you can enjoy a hairless body for life.

Laser Hair Removal FAQS

Laser hair removal treatment for unwanted hair is a non-invasive approach to permanent reduction and long term hair removal. Treatment is specifically designed to eliminate undesired hair from all parts of the body. Unlike many other treatment methods, Laser Hair treatment leaves your skin looking and feeling smoother and softer.

Laser hair removal has come a long way since its beginning two decades ago. It is approved by the FDA; it has become much faster and more effective. The new hair removal lasers can practically treat all skin colors.


Top 5 reasons for Laser Hair Removal

    1. Removal of unwanted hair with confidence.

Unwanted hairs are a nuisance whether in men or women. Facial hair in women and chest and back hair in men are the most disturbing.

    1. Boost your confidence and self image.

After removal of unwanted hair you will not only look and feel better, but will get a definite boost in your level of confidence. You will feel better in the locker room or the beach.

    1. Laser hair removal is cost effective

Over a longer period of time, routine methods of hair removal become costly if you add up all the costs. Laser hair removal saves you money if you look at the big picture.

    1. Laser hair removal saves you time.

Think about the number of visits to salons and beauty parlors for waxing and other temporary methods of hair removal and you will realize the time spent. The efficiency with which the lasers remove hair permanently is remarkable.

    1. Laser hair removal treats ingrown hair.

Ingrown hairs are the cause of discomfort, infections and self-consciousness resulting from unsightly outbreaks.


What is Laser Hair removal treatment like?

Initially we have to shave and clean the area to be treated The Laser beam is an intense focused light. The light energy is absorbed by the pigment in the hair. As the energy is absorbed the hair root gets burnt. With hair burning some heat is generated which causes some discomfort. The heat destroys the Hair follicle from growing again.

After the treatment, you feel slight burning sensation and warmth in the treated area. Cold ice packs are applied for comfort. Sun blocks and Sun protection are advised.

Larger areas take some time, however with modern Lasers the speed is fast. Facial areas are rapidly treated.


Benefits of Laser Hair Removal


  • Laser hair removal is approved by FDA for permanent hair reduction.
  • Most effective method of Hair removal than other treatment methods.
  • Large areas can be treated quickly.
  • Minimal side effects if any and most of them are reversible.
  • Practically no “downtime”, regular activities are resumed immediately


How many treatments are required?

The laser affects hair follicles in the growth phase, so we have to repeat the treatment to get all the hairs. Usually, you will need to 3 to 6 treatments for full treatment. The frequency of treatment varies from one area to another. Our specialist will guide you at the time of your consultation.


Who are candidates for treatment?

There are a variety of Lasers for hair removal with different mechanism. Some are specific for a skin color while others can treat most skin colors. In general people with lighter skin and dark hair are easily treated, but with many of the modern lasers even lighter colored hair and darker skinned patients are being treated successfully.


Is the treatment painful?

Most of the patients tolerate the procedure well, some mild burning and stinging sensation is felt during the procedure. Many laser devices do have a cooling mechanism at the skin surface level which makes it quite comfortable. These are the so called “cool lasers’” or cold tip lasers.

Some patients prefer a topical anesthetic agent before the treatment, particularly on the face and genital areas.


Are there possible side effects?

Like any other medical treatment there are possible side effects, but the chances are small. You are advised to follow the instructions carefully to avoid these side effects. Sun protection and avoidance of direct heat are very important. Possible side effects include blistering at the treated area and sometimes pigmentary changes which improve with time.

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