Dark Circles Around the Eye


eyeYou may a beautiful and attractive face but there are a few things that can camouflage the good look and make your face appear quite dull and untidy. One such condition is having dark circles around the eye which is a common complaint of both men and women, although they can also be seen in children. Usually these circles are not a sign of exhaustion or some kind of lethal illness, but they can make you feel aged, unhealthful and weary.

It is quite obvious that people often wonder what actually causes this condition keeping in view that it is not related to any disease or health disorder. Although there are a lot of factors which contribute to dark circles around the eye, but matters such as skin allergies, genetics and insufficient sleep can bring about this condition. Whatever the reasons may be, you’ll be glad to know that, with the various skincare treatments available for dark circles nowadays, you can make your face look young as well as fresh.

Often as people age, the skin becomes thinner and collagen is lost, which enhances the appearance of blood vessels beneath the eyes and leading to formation of dark circles around the eye. Discussed below are some effective treatments and remedies for the condition:

  • Drinking plenty of water is beneficial for the body on a whole. If you don’t drink atleast 8 glasses of water then your skin, particularly around the eyes starts appearing tired and stressed.
  • Give your eyes a well some break by limiting the time spent watching television or computer and making sure to wear protection, both an SPF cream and a good pair of sunglasses when out in the sun.
  • Make sure that you get atleast 7-8 hours of good night sleep which will go a long way towards banishing those dark circles.
  • Using and applying cool cucumber, crushed mint and almond oil on the dark circles around the eye for certain duration will allow the skin to relax and be refreshed.
  • Keep the skin moisturized by using eye creams containing Vitamin E but make sure that they are removed after no more than 10 minutes as can be heavy on the skin and particularly in sensitive areas like around eyes.

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