4 advantages of laser skin rejuvenation over its alternatives

Laser skin rejuvenation

The phenomenon of aging and growing old is not a new one, but people have never been that much concerned with the signs of aging as they are today. As the concerns grew, so did the number of options. People have a lot of options to rejuvenate their skin and take off years from their face. From anti-aging creams to surgical facelifts, there are a lot of options and more are being added regularly.

Laser skin rejuvenation is one these options. But it is not just one of these options;it has certain benefits which no other alternative offers. Here are the major benefits of this procedure which set it apart from other alternatives.

Nonsurgical procedure

This is a non-surgical procedure. It means that risks and fears associated with any surgery do not accompany this procedure. It is a very safe procedure, especially if the laser wand is held by experienced hands. It takes around an hour to perform the procedure. You don’t even need general anesthesia, and local anesthetic cream will do fine for you. This is very comfortable and people report a feeling similar to the snapping of a rubber band across their skin.

Less downtime

It is associated with far less downtime as compared to the surgical alternatives. Most care is needed for the first week. Then you start to return to your normal lie activities. Your skin may look red for a few more days or a few weeks depending on the laser used and your goals.

Ability to stimulate collagen

Many others creams and chemical peels offer skin rejuvenation, but none of them have the ability to stimulate the collagen. Collagen is the skin building fiber, responsible for making new skin and keeping it elastic, supple, and youthful. Stimulation of the collagen works wonders to produce new rejuvenated skin. As time passes, the skin heals and looks more and more youthful.

Consistent results

Every person is indeed different, and responds differently to various stimuli and treatments. But the results of lasers are quite consistent. They become more reliable when done by an experienced doctor or professional. This can be regarded as a great advantage. By seeing persons who already had the procedure, you can form an expectation about your future results.

Laser skin rejuvenation can be used by any person regardless of the age. But it should be clear that this procedure is not a substitute of a surgical facelift. If you have very loose and droopy skin, a surgical facelift may be necessary to rejuvenate your face, and your cosmetic surgeon can guide you accordingly. But in many cases, laser skin rejuvenation is the only procedure you require for youthful glowing.

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