A comparison of laser hair removal with other methods

laser hair removal in dubai

There are a lot of methods available to remove unwanted hair from our body and face. There are some methods like treading and tweezing which work best on some part of the body, but are simply not feasible for the whole body. Here we are going to compare three hair removal methods; shaving, waxing, and laser hair removal.


Shaving is most commonly used method to get rid of unwanted hair (it’s male shaving of the face which makes it so).

1.     Time

Shaving is one of the quickest procedures to get rid of unwanted hair. You can shave your entire legs in minutes, and a professional can shave your whole body in less than an hour.

2.     Price

It is most cost effective method (at least in short term). Anyone can buy a razor and shaving cream for a couple of bucks each and shave it for many times.

3.     Pain

Top of the list again! Shaving does not cause any pain, unless you cut your skin by accident. A good quality razor and care can reduce the chance of any cut.

4.     Permanency

This is the point where shaving lags far behind. The results are not permanent at all. Hair becomes visible within 1-3 days. They not only look awkward but also feel awkward – like thorns on your body. That’s why this method is most popular in men for facial hairs only.


In waxing, a sticky substance is applied to the skin. This binds hair to a strip of cloth which is yanked off to remove the hair. Although, the hairs are removed from root, they come back after some time.

1.     Time

It takes more time if compared to shaving, but the hairs take longer to come back, so more or less, the time spent becomes equal to that of shaving.

2.     Price

Cost of waxing is considerably more than shaving. It costs about Dhs40 for bikini area and Dhs80 for legs in Dubai.

3.    Pain

This is the biggest drawback of waxing – it pains a lot. Pain tend to lessen if you get your waxing regularly because there will be less hairs to remove.

4.    Permanency

Not so permanent! Waxing usually lasts about three weeks. Still better than shaving, and the grown hair don’t feel like thorns as they do in case of shaving.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the latest technique to get rid of unwanted hair. Laser beam is applied to the desired are. It is selectively absorbed by hair follicles, causing their destruction while leaving the skin unharmed. Traditionally, lasers worked well on light skin with dark hair, but newer laser work equally good for dark skin or light hair.

1.     Time

Time saving is most prominent feature of laser hair removal. Although, you have to spend few hours for few sessions, you will save countless hours after the laser hair removal is done.

2.   Price

Is it cheap or costly? Well the answer depends on how you view the things. If it is the initial cost you are talking about, it certainly costs more than a razor or wax. But if you consider accumulated cost of hair removal then it is very cost effective method. You have to pay for 4-6 sessions, and you’re done.Cost varies greatly depending on the area being treated and the clinic you choose. To have an idea, it costs about Dhs800 to Dhs1500 for one session of laser hair removal in Dubai.

  1. Pain

This procedure is virtually painless. Although you still feel a sensation like snapping of a rubber-band across your skin.

  1. Permanency

Laser hair removal is the only feasible method to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. Its other contender is electrolysis procedure, but that is so painful that only few have the courage to opt it. Individual variations are there, but most people achieve around 80% permanent reduction in unwanted hair.

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