Are Birthmarks Self Healing?

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Birthmarks are considered as one of the most prominent scarrings that are experienced by one in five people all around the world. The main reason for birthmarks formation is not exactly known but it is said that they are caused by problems in the skin tissues and blood vessels during or shortly after the birth. The birthmarks are known as self-fading and are gone by the age of seven but the birthmarks that stay after this age are known to stay forever until or unless proper treatment is applied. The birthmarks treatment is recommended for those cases when the birthmarks are visible on the apparent parts of the body or when the birthmarks keep on getting larger.


Are Birthmarks Harmful?

The birthmarks are said to be harmless but they can grow in their size if the skin area around the birthmarks is stretched. The stretching can be caused by different factors, rapid weight gain to hormonal change and it can be also caused due to sudden wounds. The stretching can cause worsening of the situation and if the birthmarks are related to vein disorder then it can lead to health related problems as well. The birthmarks are considered to be self-healing as half of them are cured with time and can fade away on their own but the other half stays with the person for rest of the life.


Birthmarks, Then and Now

In ancient times, these birthmarks were considered to be a sign from the God because of their non-fading and permanent nature. The birthmarks nowadays cannot be tolerated because they often are exposed to the external environment and cause a great deal of psychological and confidence issues to the people. The birthmarks that don’t self-heal overtime need to be corrected with the help of birthmarks treatment from reputed cosmetic clinic.



There are several treatments that are available that provide good results in terms of birthmarks removal but most of them are not approved by FDA and some of the home based treatment for birthmarks can cause side effects after the treatments that are why clinical treatments for removal of birthmarks are recommended so that the patient doesn’t have to suffer the side effects or any pain during or after the treatment.

Back in days, the birthmarks removal treatments were carried out by causing incision in the infected area and the birthmark area was removed in order to achieve the goals. Nowadays you can get rid of birthmarks without causing any problems in the body through the use of non-invasive methods that are widely available nowadays. If you are looking for birthmarks treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah; you can get the best treatment under the supervision of qualified dermatologists/cosmetologist and skin specialists at Dubai Laser Skin Treatments Clinic with free of cost consultation. To avail the free consultation, fill out the form below.

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