Birthmarks Types and Treatments

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Almost everyone gets a pigmented mark that is imprinted on the body since their childhood. They can vary in size, form, and shape but they can be seen in different parts of the body. The most common form of the scar is the childhood injection scar that can be seen on 50% of the adults nowadays. These small scars are known as birthmarks. These birthmarks were considered as a gift in the childhood time, but it’s not the case as they are caused by overproduction of melanin that is done in order to save the skin. Sometimes also called as the stretch marks, they are generally divided into two broad categories to provide the better overview of the underlying condition.


Types of Marks that You Should Know About

There are two main classes of birthmarks. The first is a vascular birthmark. These purple marks are caused by a malformation of blood vessels and appear when the underlying blood vessels are either too wide or too countless.  They have got a few exceptional visual traits.


About Vascular Birthmarks

Macular stains are faint purple or crimson marks most traditionally determined on the back of the neck, eyelids or forehead and in most cases fade in early childhood, even though they usually remain seen into adulthood.  These marks are innocent and require no birthmark cure.

Hemangiomas can arise above the skin (superficial) or under the epidermis’s surface (deep). Superficial hemangiomas are most often raised and vibrant red in color when you consider that of the blood vessels nearly the outside of the skin, whilst deep hemangiomas could have a bluish color as a result of the blood vessels in the epidermis’s deeper layers. Dermatologists more commonly deal with hemangiomas with corticosteroid injections.  Lasers can be additionally a potent medication for hemangioma birthmark treatment and birthmark elimination. You can get vascular birthmarks treatment in Dubai at lower cost by visiting Dubai Laser Skin Treatments Clinic.


About Pigmented Birthmarks

The 2nd type of birthmarks is pigmented birthmarks, which are brought on with the aid of a way over melanin, the substance that determines dermis color. It should be noticed that stretch marks are considered closely related to birthmarks and stretch marks treatment in Dubai can also be done under same principles.

Café au lait spots are light- to dark-brown spots that can show up at any place on the physique and commonly multiply with age.  A couple of spots larger than 1 / 4 could be a signal of the extra severe scientific condition and should be evaluated with the aid of a board licensed dermatologist/ cosmetologist in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Moles may also be the gift at birth (congenital nevus), or can show up throughout a person’s existence, and may also be black, brown or tan, raised or flat, and routinely have hair developing from them. Principally tremendous congenital nevus, and, to a lesser degree, smaller moles, can be at larger hazard for melanoma later in life and should be monitored with the aid of a healthcare provider by means of yearly skin tests. The test allows earlier detection of birthmarks in Dubai and makes easier the pigmented birthmarks treatment in Dubai.


Birthmarks Treatment

There are several treatments available for both of the birthmarks condition, and they can allow the patient to get rid of several other conditions without causing any problem in the body. The most common form of birthmarks treatment that is offered by the dermatologist/cosmetologist nowadays is the laser treatment.

Laser treatment works in the way that it allows the patient to get rid of birthmarks, stretch marks and acne scars without any side effects. The treatment is easy and it is done by the qualified dermatologist so that the patient gets the best treatment. The laser is applied to the treatment area that is affected by the birthmarks and it causes the birthmarks to diminish by causing penetration in the skin without damaging the surrounding areas of the body. The birthmarks treatment at Dubai Laser Skin Treatments in Dubai, Abu Dhabi allows the patient to resume the daily routine right after the treatment and has little or no side effects with it.

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