Bidding Farewell to Unwanted Tattoos with Laser Tattoo Removal

I was quite a thrill-seeker at the age of 18 and my ultimate dream was to get a tattoo. Therefore, on my trip to Dubai, I got a large heart and arrow on my upper arm- I thought it looked cool. It cost me a lot of money that I had saved over the months and I felt it was worth it.

My tattoo started to become my recognition- wherever I would go people would notice it and talk about it. I actually received mixed reviews on my tattoo. Some people liked it where as others thought it looked tacky which made me feel a bit nervous, as it was something that I could not remove. As I grew older, I realized the tattoo was something that did not seem appropriate especially not at the work place or at formal events, at 25 I started despising the tattoo- I just wanted it to go away.

I searched online and found out that there were excruciatingly painful ways of tattoo removal such as exfoliation and dermabrasion where they would scrape off the top layer of your skin, which would cause a lot of bleeding. Then one day I read an advertisement in a magazine on Laser Tattoo Removal– I researched on the topic and found out that within a couple of sittings my tattoo would be gone and it would be minimally painful.

So, I booked an appointment at a clinic called Laser Treatment Clinic and went in for my consultation, They told me that my tattoo required two sittings after which it will disappear. I was very happy. This is how my laser tattoo removal procedure went:

I was given eye shields to protect my eyes from the laser light. A small part of my skin was tested to determine the most effective energy level for the laser light. A hand held device was beamed on my tattoo that absorbed the color causing the tattoo to fade and I felt a mild sensation- akin to having a rubber band snap lightly on the surface of your skin. My tattoo required fewer pulses as it was relatively small. After two sittings, my tattoo was visibly reduced. Following the treatment, I was required to apply ice packs on the treated area to soothe the skin and numb the pain. The doctor bandaged my skin to protect it from any sun damage.

I would recommend anyone who is sick of their tattoos to get a laser tattoo removal therapy done as it is the most effective and least painful of all procedures.

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