Conveniently Removing Tattoos with Laser Tattoo Removal

laser tattoo removal

When I was a rebellious teenager, my biggest wish was to get a tattoo. One that signified how fierce I was-obviously this was to cover up my insecurities and lack of “fierceness” so I went ahead and got the tattoo of a dragon in four different colors.

It was red, green, black and yellow. The tattoo made me feel dominant, secure and protected but as I grew up, I found myself getting embarrassed by the tattoo and hiding and covering it more and more. At the age of 27, that tattoo became a major source of embarrassment for me and I would always wear full sleeves so that no one would it.

At this point, I was considering options for tattoo removal. The most advanced method to me seemed like the Laser tattoo Removal so I opted for it. Now let me share my tattoo removal experience with you.

How the Laser Tattoo removal procedure Works

In the laser tattoo removal process the doctor uses a hand held device that emits pulsates of laser that penetrate ink deep into the lower levels of the skin thereby absorbing the dark color. The device emits heat and is therefore slightly painful but topical anesthetics are applied to minimize the pain.

Suitable Candidates for Laser Tattoo Removal

You are a suitable candidate for laser tattoo removal if you are someone who is of sound physical and mental health. If you have realistic expectations regarding the outcome of the treatment and if you are someone who is willing to commit to the laser tattoo removal procedure as it requires several sessions and sittings with weeks of time intervals.

After Care

After the laser tattoo removal treatment is done your doctor would give you some guidelines to follow such as preventing the treated area from the sun, keeping it clean and hygienic, not picking on the treated area. Your doctor would apply ice to minimize redness and swelling after the treatment so that your recovery is quickened and comfort is provided to the area.

A laser tattoo removal is the most convenient of methods but one that requires skill and precision therefore, it is important to consult a certified and qualified cosmetic surgeon who has had previous experience with laser tattoo removal.

You should be wary of spas or salons who offer this service, as they do not have the adept knowledge, certification or license to perform this treatment.

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