Cost of Laser Hair Removal in Abu Dhabi

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Laser hair removal is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures in Abu Dhabi and like all other cosmetic treatments it is believed to have high costs. Many people just do not consider lasers for hair removal simply because their friend’s cousin’s aunt had said it costs a large amount. If you are also reluctant because you fear you may not be able to afford then just stop fretting. Laser Skin treatment Clinic is there to help you out with its lucrative laser hair removal offers. Continue reading to know more about Laser Hair Removal Cost in Abu Dhabi and factors determining the cost.

Laser hair removal in Abu Dhabi does not cost you a large sum of money. Apart from lasting hair reduction, low cost is the main reason behind continuously popularity of laser hair removal in UAE. Most clients getting laser hair reduction in UAE do not think the procedure is costing them large amount of money. It is perhaps because cost of laser hair removal in UAE is low as compared to the developed countries like UK and USA.

Laser hair reduction cost varies greatly from one person to another depending upon following factors:

  • Gender of the patient
  • Area under treatment
  • Size of treatment area
  • Skin Color
  • Hair color
  • Hair texture
  • Laser system used

A combination of light skin and thick black hair is considered to be an excellent combo for laser treatment. Previously, lasers were not for people with light colored or blond hair but with advancements in technology, today there are laser systems that can effectively treat dark and even sun damaged and tanned skin.

Lasers are an excellent substitute of threading, tweezing and waxing. A cosmetic treatment that frees you from unwanted fuzz permanently is no doubt something really big, and this is why most patients are simply not bothered by the cost of treatment. Women particularly prefer to have laser hair removal rather than getting themselves waxed and tweezed every week. You will notice significant reduction in number of unwanted hairs after every session.

Another reason why laser hair removal is a better option than waxing, threading or electrolysis is its painless nature. Destroying hair with lasers does not involve much discomfort. Most patients describe the discomfort as mild rubber band snapping against skin. But, if you are very sensitive to pain and discomfort, your doctor can make it a virtually painless procedure by applying numbing cream to the treatment area.

Laser Hair Removal Abu Dhabi is a highly reliable and affordable procedure, equally effective for men and women. The former seek lasers for chest and back hair thinning.

For more details about the procedure and to know the exact Laser Hair Removal Cost, contact Laser Skin treatment Clinic.

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