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acne scars

Acne is probably the greatest nightmare of any teenager as it has the ability to pop out uninvited at any time. It can even ruin the appearance at the worst possible time by just showing up at the eve of an important event. Usually acne subsides as the teenage years go by. However, the problem can continue to haunt some people beyond this time frame.

Chronic acne needs to be corrected in order to not only avoid the pimples but also the potential of scarring that acne can bring. If the scars are formed, they need to be corrected with other treatments, the best way is to treat acne as soon aspossible. There are a number of treatments that can correct acne. Some even can correct both acne and acne scarring at the same time. Let’s take a look at these treatment options and learn more about them.

Topical creams

Most commonly used topical creams are antibiotics and retinoid which kill the bacteria that causes acne. They can be effective in most of the acne cases though in case of acne being too severe, they may not be able to bring results. They are effective for acne but not for scarring.

A long term use of these creams is important to get the desired outcome. Be sure to get a topical cream prescribed by a doctor before using any.


Oral medications are usually an option that is used along with the topical creams. They mostly are antibiotics and combined oral contraceptives. The former is effective for everyone while the latter is generally highly useful for young females.

In rare cases where a person simply does not respond to other treatments, isotretinoin is brought to use. It is medication that is highly effective for acne but also has severe side effects.

Chemical peels

These are acidic solutions that are applied to the skin for resurfacing it. The peels in process kill the acne causing bacteria and unclog the pores that home these bacteria. Since the peels also boost the collagen level, they can also help in correcting mild acne scarring.

In most cases, the peels have to be applied numerous times. Side effects are generally mild and usually there is little or no downtime. Use of local to topical anesthesia is quite common during chemical peels application.              

Laser skin resurfacing

The laser used for this purpose is fractional CO2. It is fractionated carbon dioxide laser that makes tiny holes in the skin. It kills all the bacteria and also helps in unclogging the pores. It is also an excellent treatment for getting rid of acne scarring.

Four to five sessions usually are enough to get rid of both acne and acne scars in Abu Dhabi. Topical anesthetics numb down any sensation of pain. Side effects are moderate and usually there is no downtime after the treatment.


The treatment is highly effective in getting rid of acne scars. A handheld device sprays tiny crystals on to the skin in order to remove the damaged skin and allow healthier one to replace it. At the same time, it also helps in boosting the collagen level in the skin which evens out the skin quite effectively.

Topical anesthetics numb down the pain quite easily. Side effects are negligible and there is no downtime after the treatment. To fully remove the scar and have a healthy skin in its place, a few sessions are needed of this minimally invasive treatment.

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