Fractional Co2 Treatment

Fractional CO2 Laser (SmartXide) is a FDA approved laser which produces dramatic skin resurfacing and rejuvenation results, usually after just one treatment, with ongoing improvements that can continue for months after. The SmartXide laser delivers a precise matrix of micro spots that penetrates to the dermis and stimulates the formation of new collagen. At the same time, immediate shrinkage of damaged tissue is achieved.

Fractional Co2 is effective treatments for:
– Pigmentation and Sun damage
– Fine lines and wrinkles
– Acne scars
– Stretch marks
– Post surgical scars
– Skin laxity
– Stimulate New Collagen Production

How the laser is performed?
1. Anesthesia – The Fractional CO2 Laser can be performed in the comfort of our office under local anesthesia, for about 30-40 minutes.

2. Length – The procedure takes approximately one hour.

Pain usually is described as a moderate sun burn, which can be easy controlled with ice and oral medication (Advil, Panadol)

3. Recovery – Over the next 3-5 days your skin will gently peel and the patient has to keep the skin clean and moist with a Vaseline type ointment. Once the skin is peeled, the make-up can be use to cover any redness if there is any.

4. Safety – One of the advantages of the Fractional CO2 Laser is that it is safe on almost all sin types, tolerable with minimum down-time.

The nice thing about Fractional CO2 Laser is that one to two treatments you can get up to 80 % improvement in skin condition like wrinkles, skin laxity and acne scars. The laser’s effects can be seen for several years but sometimes repeated; treatments are required on a case by case basis.

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