Get rid of unwanted hairs – Laser hair removal in Dubai

Gone are the days when hair removal from unwanted areas was a part of daily and weekly routine. Most of the traditional methods are not-so-convenient and time consuming. Some methods like shaving don’t only take a lot of time but also make the hair coarser.

Technology has made a lot of things easier, which were difficult in the past, and a lot of things possible which were impossible in the past. There wasn’t any way to make our unwanted hair disappear permanently. But now the lasers are here to help you.

Lasers are being used in numerous fields in numerous ways. They are being used in almost every facet of life. In the field of cosmetics, they are being used to remove tattoos, remove wrinkles from our face, in liposuction, and for many other purposes. They are also used to stimulate hair follicles to actually grow hairs on our head – yes, grow hair where we want it, and remove hair where we don’t want it.

Actually, there is a different kind of laser used for each purpose. The lasers used to remove hair are very different from the lasers used to grow it. Hair removal laser is a special kind of laser, absorbed by darker pigments, as our hair follicles under the skin. These lasers do not affect the lighter pigments, like our skin, so our skin remains unharmed while hair follicles are destroyed. When the hair follicles are destroyed, they do not grow back, leaving a smooth, hair free skin.

But it is important to note that permanent hair removal needs multiple sessions. The average number of sessions is five. Individual variations are there. Some persons achieve their desired results in two sessions, while others may need up to ten sessions. Your doctor should make sure that the laser is selected according to your needs and skin type. This will save your time and money, so it’s a good idea to choose a qualified person for your laser hair removal procedure.

There are a number of clinics providing services of laser hair removal in Dubai. Three things are important in selecting a suitable clinic. First make sure that the clinic has all the latest machines available for this procedure. The second, but equally important consideration is the availability of qualified staff. No technology can work well if not applied in the best possible way. The third one is the comfort level, you develop with the staff. Good communication level is a key to any successful cosmetic procedure.

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