How Lasers Can Ease the Tattoo Removal Process?

I remember my teen years, how thrilling it is to have a tattoo of your favorite character or your loved one on your body. We are ready to bear a lot of pain to have that tattoo imprinted on our body. As the years pass, we usually find more and more reasons to remove those tattoos. But the tattoo removal is not an easy task; it takes more money and more pain than having it.

Thanks to lasers! Lasers have made the procedure for tattoo removal a lot easier. If you have decided to remove your tattoo, continue reading for more information about the process of tattoo removal with the help of lasers.


How lasers help remove tattoos?laser tattoo removal

When the particles of ink are introduced into our body, our immune system recognizes them as foreign particle and tries to get rid of them. But these ink particles are bigger for our immune system, and it cannot get rid of them. So these particles stay in our body for a very long time. Lasers break these big particles into smaller ones. When these particles become smaller in size, our immune system attacks them and gets rid of them as it gets rid of any other foreign particle like bacteria.


Tattoo removal process

Laser light is applied to the skin which breaks ink particles into micro-particles. A topical anesthesia is applied to the skin to make the process pain free, but you may still feel a mild burning sensation and a sensation similar to the snapping of a rubber band across your skin. 4-10 sessions are needed to remove a tattoo. The number of sessions required depends on the type of ink used and its depth. Some ink particles are easy to break while others are difficult. The ink color is also very important.

Black and blue colors are easy to remove while green and yellow are difficult ones.


Are there any risks?

You may feel a mild burning sensation, bruising, and redness of the skin. These symptoms are temporary and will go away in a few hours to a few days. Some minor scars may be produced, and hair follicles may be damaged. If you are removing a tattoo in an area where the hairs are required, discuss this issue beforehand. You can contact us for free online consultation and discuss all your issues about laser tattoo removal. Just fill our online contact form and let our professional staff guide you.

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