No Pain…Only a Slight Discomfort in a Laser Treatment!

laser hair removal in dubai

Laser hair removal is a tremendous success with its large clientele that is spread around the world. Lasers are approved as permanent hair reduction devices they are more efficient than their substitute, electrolysis.  Apart from their commercial uses, some manufacturers have started offering laser kits that are for a person’s self-treatment. But a professional setting and an experienced technician has no match with home treatments.

Suitable candidate for a laser hair removal treatment

Anyone with extra hair can benefit from laser hair removal in Dubai. It works best on a combination of light skin and dark coarse hair. With the advent of modern lasers people who have dark skin tone and dark coarse hair can also benefit from the treatment.

Procedure and pain management in a laser treatment

Laser emits a beam of light that penetrates into skin and is absorbed by melanin, a pigment found in hair. Laser beam hits hair follicles that are responsible for hair regeneration and disable hair follicles that are in active stage for hair production and growth. The cooling mechanism of laser protects surrounding skin from damage.

Patients who have laser hair removal in Dubai report slight discomfort during a laser procedure. You may smell burning of your hair but the procedure is not painful due to proper pain management through numbing creams that are applied an hour before the treatment. Most probably you will have a pinching sensation. You may feel a burning sensation in an area where cream is not applied but not in the area where numbing cream was applied.

Using ice cubes after treatment is another important element of pain management. Technicians apply ice cubes right after the treatment and recommend that you should ice the area once you get back to your place. It would ease any post-treatment discomfort. If you think that a gel would provide you mental satisfaction you can have a natural aloe gel after taking advice from your technician.

Side effects and risks of treatment

  • Temporary redness of treated area
  • Temporary swelling
  • Temporary numbness
  • Hypo-, hyper-pigmentation
  • Pigmentation
  • Burning

Skin discoloration and pigmentation are more common in people who have light tone of skin. Burning occurs when right parameters are not used. A carefully done laser treatment does not burn a patient.

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