How to avoid side effects of laser hair removal?

laser hair removal in dubai

Laser hair removal offers permanent reduction of unwanted hair. For people who spend hours on removing unwanted hair from their bodies, the ads of permanent hair removal are so tempting that they want to have it at any price. While we have risk disclaimers from tobacco to investments, laser treatments still lack them. The truth is that laser procedures gone wrong can have serious consequences. In the wrong hands,laser can cause skin irritation, pigmentation, blistering, and scarring.

Laser hair removal in Dubai is very popular, and it is gaining even more popularity with the passing days. Serious side effects are rare, but they can happen to anyone. You absolutely would not like to be one of the victims. With proper investigation and following these guidelines, you will have a good laser hair removal experience.

How lasers permanently remove hair?

Laser is an intense light. When applied to the skin, this intense light energy targets the dark matter only. Hair follicles in our skin are dark in color, so energy in laser light destroys these follicles leaving the lighter skin around them unharmed.

What is the most common cause of laser hair removal side effects?

There are at least 20 types of laser treatments available nowadays including Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Alexandrite. Modern laser machines have a lot of settings which can be adjusted according to the specific needs of the person. The factors like skin color, hair color, and area of treatment are considered when choosing the laser type and adjusting its settings. The most common cause of undesired side effects is the use of wrong type of laser and inappropriate settings.

The Fitzpatrick skin-typing test

The Fitzpatrick skin-typing test is very helpful in determining skin type of the patient and adjust laser settings accordingly.

Fitzpatrick Skin Type Skin Tone Hair Color Eye Color Tanning History
I White, very fair, Red or Blonde blue eyes Always burn, Never tans
II White, very fair, freckles Red or Blonde blue, hazel or green eyes Usually burns, Tans with difficulty
III Creamy white Any hair color Any eye color Sometimes mild burns, Gradually tans
IV Brown, Mediterranean, Hispanic, Asian Dark Hair Brown eyes Rarely burns, Tans easily
V Dark Brown, African American Dark Brown eyes Very rarely burns, Tans with ease
VI Black, Nigerian Black Brown Never burns, Tans very easily

Patch test

A patch test is a very useful technique to test the suitability of the laser for a patient. A laser is applied on a small sample part of the skin. The results are monitored over a course of few days. If you and your dermatologist are satisfied with the results, the laser is applied to the desired area. This is the most important step you can take to avoid damage to your skin.

Allergy to gel or creams

Sometimes, the patient has an allergy to the cooling cream or the numbing cream. If this is the case, this should not be confused with side effects of laser.

At the end, I am giving you two valuable tips to avoid laser hair removal side effects.


  1.     Choose your dermatologist wisely:No matter how much research you have done about the procedure, you cannot be a professional in this field. So, make sure your dermatologist or operator is qualified and experienced.
  2.    Pain is NOT ok: Although, mild burning sensation is normal, you should not feel extraordinary pain. Most botched laser treatments are associated with a lot of pain during the procedure. If this happens to you, ask to stop the treatment and investigate further.

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