How to take years off your face through radio frequency treatments

radio frequency treatments

I am in my thirties, but I look as if I am in my twenties – to me at least. Last week I was looking at my college pictures, and here I am standing with my friends. But look at that, this person seems a lot younger than me. I suddenly realized that I have started to look older. When you see yourself daily in a mirror, you are unable to notice the difference, but they become apparent when you compare your 10 years old pictures with recent ones.

The very next day, I asked my cosmetic junkie colleague for recommendation and she recommended Laser Treatment Clinic.Next day, I visited the clinic. Anisa Vrabac greeted me with a before and after album. I can’t help but notice her plump and youthful skin – is she gifted or treated I wonder!

She explained the radio frequency treatments to me. She told that collagen (a fiber responsible for the elasticity of our skin) gets loose with the age, and our skin loses its elasticity. Radio frequency penetrates our outer layer of the skin and stimulates the collagen to become strong, giving us tight and youthful skin. She told me that I have mild aging signs.

She cleaned my face and popped a small metal plate on my back to conduct the radio frequency waves, and then applied cooling gel. Then she started circling and pressing my skin with a metal radio frequency rod. Though my face got hot a few times, I can safely attribute the procedure as painless.

She done the procedure to my right side first, and offered to see the difference. I was amazed. There was a lot of difference; my right side looked noticeably youthful! She continued to apply radio frequency to the rest of my face. The treatment lasted for less than an hour, and I got a little pink, but guess what – I love it! I was not the only one who was amazed by the difference. Many of my friends noticed the difference, but nobody was able to tell that I have got my face done.

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