Invasive and Non-Invasive Methods for Fat removal

fat removal treatment

Fat removal is an ideal procedure for those who want to contour specific body parts. No doubt, diet and exercise are key components to fight unwanted fats but if your fats are too stubborn, you should benefit from invasive or non-invasive fat removal treatment. Following are some fat removal procedures you can choose from.


Liposuction is widely used cosmetic procedure that removes fat from abdomen, thighs, hips, breasts and other parts of body to give body a beautiful silhouette. But it is not a weight loss alternative. Since it is a surgical process, there are some risks involved like bruising, swelling, scars, numbness and post-operative weight gain. Recovery period depends upon the extent of liposuction and can vary from 2 days to 2 weeks. Patient is required to wear a compression garment. To kill any pain, pain killer pills are also prescribed. Although the procedure removes some fat cells permanently but if patient does not maintain proper diet and exercise routine, remaining fat cells will enlarge, creating irregularities. Liposuction uses following techniques.

  • Laser liposuction It is comparatively new procedure for fat removal. It is less invasive. It uses a laser to dissolve fats of specific areas and tighten the surrounding skin. The procedure is performed in a clinic and does not require the use of anesthetic. The patient may feel some pain and bruising for some days after laser liposuction. However the procedure itself is pain free. It is believed that techniques like SmartLipo and SlimLipo can reduce bleeding and bruising.
  • Ultrasound removal This process involves using ultrasound waves to break fats and get rid of them. Usually three or four sessions are required to achieve desired results. A cannula is used which transmits ultrasound vibration within the body. Vibrations burst fat cells and liquefy them. After ultrasound liposuction it is necessary to perform suction-assisted liposuction to remove the liquefied fat. However, excessive exposure to ultrasound can cause tissue damage.
  • Mesotherapy Mesotherapy is quick and minimally invasive method of removing fat that involves an injection to dissolve precise pockets of fats. Usually it injects pharmaceutical and homeopathic medicines, minerals, vitamins, cellulite and amino acids into the fats just beneath skin. Usually patients experience mild bruising but it clears up quickly. However, mesotherapy is proved to be a bone of contention between many reputed physicians and its credibility and reliability are at question.


It is a medical device popularly known as CoolSculpting. It is non-invasive procedure for fat removal and is generally considered to be an alternative to liposuction. It provides low temperature to cells and damages fat cells beneath skin while leaving skin intact. Its common side effects are numbness, redness and bruising.

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