Laser hair removal for darker skin – is it possible?

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We’ve always heard that laser hair removal works best for people with lighter skin and darker hair. Are there any options for people with dark skin? In fact, now there are! There are certain types of laser, introduced especially for hair removal in people with dark skin. To have an insight of these options, we visited Dubai Laser Treatments, a premiere aesthetics clinic in Dubai. Anisa Vrabac greeted us and explained all the questions wandering in our mind.

Why is the belief that laser hair removal works best on patients with lighter skin and darker hair so prevalent?

When lasers were approved for permanent hair reduction in 1995 by the FDA, they were not as effective as they are today. Those lasers only worked well on darker skin with lighter hairs. Like everything else, lasers have been improved significantly since then.

Choosing the right laser, correct parameters, and proper patient selection and counseling can promote safe and effective hair removal in darker skin people, according to Anisa. We explain to darker-skinned people that they may need more sessions than patients with lighter skin, she added.

What are the latest lasers available for darker-skin people?

Long-pulsed 1064 Nd: YAG laser and the 800-810-nm long-pulsed diode laser have proven effective and safe for hair removal in darker-skinned people.

To increase safety, pay attention to some important parameters. Use longer lasers with longer wavelengths to ensure less melanin absorption, she told.

We advise to use sun protection and shave the area before the procedure. The burning hair can cause discomfort for the patient. We always perform the procedure on a test spot, which is representative of the area for hair removal, before performing the procedure on the entire area.There should be a balance between heating and cooling of the skin. After the laser session, we recommend application of topical steroid and sun protection.

Are there any risks associated with this procedure?

Possible complications of the procedure in darker-skinned people include hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation, infections and folliculitis, eye injury and scarring. That is why we always advise to have laser procedure doneonly byexperienced and qualified person.

Anisa Vrabac is abeauty consultantat Dubai Laser Treatments, a part of Laser Treatment Clinic,whichis one of the premier clinics for laser hair removal in Dubai.

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