Laser hair removal in Dubai – stop worrying and start enjoying

laser hair removal

Hair everywhere?

Hair here and hair there, hair you look anywhere! Having hair in places you want is great, but it can be annoying where you don’t want it. Males and females both struggle continuously to get rid of unwanted hair. They shave, tweeze, and wax to get rid of them. A few days pass, and here they are again. Why you don’t get rid of unwanted hair permanently? You can save many hours weekly, and spend those hours on more productive activities. Get ready for a popular and effective method to get rid of unwanted hair for good.

What is laser hair removal?

Lasers are everywhere. They are so versatile that they have found their place in a lot of devices, from DVD players to heavy industry, and even in cosmetic procedures. When we think of permanent hair removal, it is almost synonymous with laser hair removal. The other effective option is electrolysis, but it is so painful that few, if any I wonder, will opt to bear that much of a pain. Lasers are very comfortable to apply. A little anesthetic cream is applied to the skin to make it virtually painless.

How lasers permanently remove hair?

Lasers permanently remove hair by destroying the hair follicles (roots of hair responsible for their regrowth), while not harming the rest of the skin. The intense energy in lasers is only absorbed by dark matter, which is our hair follicle. This is not absorbed by our skin, so it remains unharmed. This energy destroys the roots and stop hairs from growing again.

How many sessions do I need for laser hair removal?

Average number of sessions needed to permanently remove hair is five. The existing hair follicles are destroyed almost completely, but there are some dormant follicles which will become active with time. So you will need more sessions to destroy them too. The number of sessions depends on your skin color, hair color, amount of hair, and other factors. People with lighter skin and darker hair will need least sessions and vice versa.


The cost is an issue – but only if you don’t add up the cost of its alternatives over the years. It costs you a few hundred dollars, but you will get rid of those hairs permanently. You can shave or wax the hairs in a few dollars, but if you add the cost of these methods for say one, two, or three years, you will realize that laser hair removal is actually cheaper. And the saved time is an all additional benefit.

Are all the clinics same?

No two things are same in this world, and this is true for clinics as well. Their equipment may differ, but the capabilities of their staff will certainly differ. And it’s the capability of the staff that makes a difference. Every cosmetic procedure needs experienced hands. If anything goes wrong, you will not get desired results, waste your time and money, and in a worst case scenario have undesired effects on your skin. I personally know some very good clinics for laser hair removal in Dubai. Check out Laser Treatment Clinic. They have the best equipment and highly trained professional staff. So play safe, and choose your clinic wisely.

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