Laser Hair Removal Redeemed My Self-Confidence

laser hair removal

Having unwanted hair on your body is one of the most annoying feelings. Especially when you have a buzzing social and work life and interact with numerous people on a daily basis. Sadly, that was the situation for me. I was hairy not only on my body but also on my face in the upper lip area, eyebrows and in the side burns area.

Although I did regularly get waxed and shaved, there were times I could not owing to my busy schedule. Also, these procedures took a lot of time and cost quite some. Days where I would have missed removing my facial hair and the hair on my arms were particularly the worst. The men at my office even started calling me grizzly! (Short for grizzly bear) and that wasn’t too pleasing.

So one day, agitated of my hairy problem- I decided to go in for Laser hair removal as I had heard that it was the only option that promised permanent hair removal. I found out that laser hair removal in Dubai was available at Laser Treatment Clinic which was renowned for its state of the art laser center and reputable doctors.

After a consultation session, I was convinced that this was what I wanted. So on the day of the treatment I was mostly relaxed. My hair removal procedure went something like this. Before beginning the session- the doctor applied a topical anesthetic in the treatable regions and left it for 30 minutes to show affect. When it was numb to pain the doctor held a hand held laser device and zapped it inside the hair follicles that contained hair. This disabled the hair follicles ability to grow any hair. I saw some redness after treatment but it subsided within a few days. It has been 6 months since I got that treatment and I haven’t experienced any regrowth.

I feel so much relieved and at ease now as I don’t have to worry about people spotting my facial hair. It has done good to increase my self-confidence and I have become more sociable now. And no one has called me grizzly for a while now! I would recommend anyone with unwanted hair to get this treatment.

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